2018 Fall October 15 Monday

36 degrees this morning (“feels like” 26 degrees, 17 mph wind), 83% humidity 

When I went outside this morning, it wasn’t quite as bad as I expected it could be.  Decided not to work due to the temperature and especially the wind.  A little too much too soon!  I know I have to tolerate walking in weather like this this winter, but…..

I always admire restaurants since they are normally “only as good as their last meal”.  A customer can have good meals for years, have one bad meal, and never come back.  So, I don’t like to criticize restaurants for a bad lapse or two.

However, we went to Panera Bread bread yesterday, and I had a sandwich which was somewhat edible, but that was about it.  I don’t order a grilled cheese sandwich often, but while I was avoiding meat, I developed a taste for one at another restaurant.  

I will never order one again (at Panera Bread), it also was very expensive when I saw what I actually got and the cheese may have melted but the bread was certainly not “grilled”.  

Actually my last two experiences with Panera Bread have been negative.  The last time, Aliene got some potato soup that wasn’t even edible, it was like it had been diluted with water or something.  I ate a little and it was not good.

The time before, I had developed the habit of stopped by Panera Bread for my lunch break. They were out of ice coffee and didn’t really seem to care. (I can understand that, but I also never went back.)

All understandable (except perhaps the potato soup), but it seems like a trend is starting and we will probably avoid it in the future.  

Maybe I am just becoming too critical and picky.  At one restaurant recently I ordered scrambled eggs and was given what seemed like one small egg instead of the two I ordered.  In this case, I did comment and was advised another egg which be made, which never came!  Normally this restaurant is excellent, so I we returned like always. They were short-handed and had some new staff. 

Another restaurant has gotten so bad at having startling high rates for small changes or items we are considering not going back.  We don’t mind paying for substitutions, extras etc., but enough is enough.   It isn’t the cost so much as they way they do it.  

There are enough restaurants, unlike airlines, we don’t have to go back if they start to nickel and dime us!  

I didn’t really mean to discuss this (restaurants) at all, it is just one of those things that I suddenly thought about.  

I really don’t like to criticize unless I have asked for a resolution to the problem at the time.  I am trying to be better at mentioning a problem when I have one and not complaining later.

When I was City Manager, i always (honestly) said I wanted to be advised of any problems so I could do something about it.  It really did help a lot when I was advised of a negative experience, a problem etc. at the time.

I need to “walk my talk” and follow the same behavior in my role as a customer!

That’s it for now, Monday, October 15, 2018. 

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