2018 Fall October 16 Tuesday

2018 Fall October 16 Tuesday

39 degrees this morning, (feels like 36) 85% humidity, no walk (schedule).

Somehow, it seems as if Winter was already here, although I expect I will adapt to the lower temperatures.  

Recently reviewed a monthly Newsletter I enjoy reading.  Note I didn’t say I agree, I  agree with some of it.  What I do disagree with, with some limitations, I feel at least he tries to support his opinion, maybe not with facts, but at least reasons that he believes.

I recently noted how many people follow the behavior of the incompetent lying coward lunatic, who is so insecure he has to criticize (usually with lies, he has no concept of the truth).  

Recently a senator for this state tried to praise someone, but ruined any praise by following with some vicious lying criticism of the previous persons involved in it.

I have to ask, “why” do they feel so insecure they have to (obviously with lies) criticize someone who (of course) isn’t around to defend themselves.  Sounds like a bunch of incompetent, insecure cowards.

Anyway back to the Newsletter, I don’t really care for the “Chicken Little, Sky is falling” theme, but he does at least attempt to justify his beliefs with reasons.  

One of his themes is the dangers of Cyber-hacking, and possibly a “Cyberwar” that will put the Internet down for an extended period of time.  

I have to agree that I think the dangers of a “cyberwar” are certainly there, or at least a major breakdown of the internet or certain industries, including financial, utilities etc.  

I have to admit, I don’t see the benefits in normal “hacking”, but I can see who an enemy country would want to try to attack the internet.  

Thinking of how much the internet is involved in our daily lives (and probably much more than we realize) it seems this would be more of a concern.  

In fact, I can’t even imagine life without the internet, which indicates how important it is.  

Obviously I don’t know the answers, or even what the problem is.

The author of the Newsletter states that government military contractors are “not the ones that make the best weapons, but the ones who own the most politicians.”

Unfortunately that is probably somewhat true, especially with the current administration.

He mentions some companies which should “benefit” from a cyberwar, but I have to think this is like selling water for huge sums in a disaster, but you can’t eat or drink or live in gold.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

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