2018 Fall October 17 Wednesday

41 degrees this morning, Walk 34;52 minutes 91% humidity 

Walk this morning was ok, in spite of the temperature.  No wind, so the cold wasn’t that bad.  No moon. 

During the walk I was aware of my slow pace the last time, so I tried to at least keep up the pace and was 12 seconds slower than my goal.  Not bad for cold weather.  

An exercise in local participation last night, we went to a Planning Commission concerning a nearby zoning.  I still feel weird and rather disoriented when I attend a City meeting and am sitting in the audience instead of being involved in the meeting! 

Anyway, it was all polite and a model of “everyone having their say” in a civil way, until at the very last when the developers attorney make a threat that may well have cost them several votes.  It certainly changed my mind, I thought it if they had to resort to gutter tactics, maybe I couldn’t trust them to do what they said.

Anyway, it was interesting and we intend to follow-up as it goes through the process.  

Fortunately, we are not directly affected (although we would be affected by the increased traffic and the increased population using trails etc.). 

For some reason it seems like a “slow” week this week.  It seems like it should be Friday, and it is only Wednesday.  I changed my “Field” and “Office” days this week and that may be one reason.  On the other hand, it may just be a slow week!

I like playing a game with the credit card companies, mainly trying to maximize the time  we get an “interest free” loan.  Not that it really matters, since interest on savings is literally nothing, but it still gives me a feeling of satisfaction to watch the credit card “statement dates” and time my big purchases so that they are right after the start of the period.  

It always gives me a feeling of frustration when I have a big purchase fall right before the statement date!  For example, if I make a purchase October 15, I have to pay the bill on November 12 (more or less).  If I time it to fall on October 16, I don’t have to pay the bill until December 12 (more or less).  

While there aren’t really any “savings” involved, it is kind of fun and does help me control the cash flow, which can be important if we even need to withdraw from our IRA etc. to buy something.

My “big” timing now of course is with the tax laws and trying to delay any income until after January 1, which saves me a whole year (actually a year and 4 months!) of having to pay taxes on the income.  

Not that I spend a lot of time on all of this, but it is a minor game that I enjoy, so why not?   Perhaps I am too easily amused and could use my time more usefully somewhere else, but I would have a hard time finding cheaper amusement!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

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