2018 Fall October 18 Thursday

55 degrees this morning, no walk, 72 % humidity

55 degrees actually seems “warm” after the last few days!  I need to check and see if these temperatures are lower than “normal” this year.  

No walk due to medical appointment early this morning.  I hated to miss walk this morning with 55 degrees and no wind, but I hate to get too rushed and I didn’t know how exercises might affect any tests.  

I noted cold weather has affected my cough (increased it), but it is still much better than it used to be.  

Thursday, and the 18th of the October!  

A rather long dream recently, but one that seemed to have significance, so I decided to go ahead and note it.

Dream 10-13-18

Dream I was working at my present job, except it was in a huge office building.  I drove to work each morning and  parked in a high demand parking area.

Drove to work one morning, there was some kind of work being done on a car which stopped everyone from getting to the “normal” parking area. 

A relative told me when i was coming in there was space at the parking of the top of the hill, but I waived it off, since I worked at an office where the bottom of the hill parking was better.  

I didn’t get a parking space and was frantically trying to find a parking space.

I met someone who I talked to about it and he said “some of the Supervisors are covering the parking fines”.  

At one point I even ran into an Airline ticketing place to get parking space (remember this was a dream)  

For some reason I was walking around naked,(absolutely no clothes on).  Again, remember this was a dream!

then I realized I had forgotten my briefcase which had my computer in it.  (It was a brief case that my Dad used, if that has any significance and actually has his initials on it.  I got it for him when I worked at Samsonite  in the summers while going to college.)

I ran back to the airline ticket (which hd been empty) but now had a large dog running around the hallway so I couldn’t go to the office I had been in.  Again, there was on one in the area and the office actually had nothing in  it.

It only had a big phone cable which had been cut.  

Someone said the State had a contract, it doesn’t matter  how many phones the state had.  

I was running around naked looking for the brief case with my computer in it.  

I was thinking “maybe this was dream” then I woke up and it was dream. 

A very powerful dream,  it took me a while to fully realize it was only a dream.  I have no idea what would happen if I lost my computer, it is probably something that just doesn’t happen!  

That’s it for now, Thursday, October 18, 2018

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