2018 Fall October 20 Saturday

49 degrees this morning, walk 34:45 miles, 100 % humidity

Overall good walk this morning.  It is hard to dress for this type of weather, end up usually dressing too warm, which is ok.

Very foggy this morning.  Makes me think of how fog is associated with crime and spooky stories and movies!  It didn’t really affect me, but I did think about how so many times the criminal or the ghost etc. “comes out of the fog”.  

I’ve noticed (at least in my opinion) how my morning walk seems to energize my mind, more than when I miss it.  If my mind needs energizing!

Reading more about vaccines and listening to the “Great Course” on biology.  I have to admit I am slow to pick up on biology.  A “double Helix” is as foreign to my mind as a “DNA Strand”, my mind kind of shuts down when I hear it.  

Actually, it is interesting, I just don’t feel I really understand more than a vague concept of such things.  Not that I couldn’t learn (although I never really did in college), but there are a lot more important ways for me to spend my time.  

I do like getting information on the subject and I may be interested or find value in learning more in the future.

Probably one of the key decisions we make about our lives are how we spend our time, and so much of our time is frittered away without any real plan.  On the other hand, I also feel a certain amount of “frittering” is important!  

Leaned some more interesting items about vaccines.  There is evidence that some of the Revolution War battles etc. were won by the troops where smallpox vaccine was required, which makes sense.

Back to the Newsletter I read on a  regulate basis, and his take on the the future.  The Newsletter writer noted the dangers of computers and privacy. 

I never never really cared too much whether companies had my information or not (except for my e-mail address or phone number!).  However,  the Newsletter points out just how much of our private information is documents. 

For example, he notes that a new car may have over 100 computers sending back information to the manufacturer.  Much of it may be used for “good”, but….

He points out that this basically provides a “map of your life” to companies and eventually the government and businesses.    

This got me thinking of a “map of my life”.

For example, every time i use my credit card, I leave a record of where I have been, my purchases,  my interests, perhaps even my income, age and other demographics.  

In addition, the “turnpike pass” provides exact details o where you have been and even the parking meters now provide an exact record of your movements.  

It is like everything else, “it doesn’t matter until it matters” and the information is there if someone wants to use it against you.

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 20, 2018.

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