2018 Fall October 21 Sunday

48 degrees this morning Walk 34:48 minutes, 78% humidity 

Good walk this morning.  Full moon (or close to it) descended as I walked.  It was high in the western sky when I started and had basically set by the time I finished my walk.  The full moon is early this month. 

Temperature was somewhat “crisp”, but not really that bad, especially since I was dressed for it, probably dressed a little too warm as usual.

Pace was 12 seconds slower than my goal.  I thought I was going a little faster than that, but…..

Apparently my time for sitting on the patio for this year has come and gone, suddenly it is  too cold to sit on the patio and I probably won’t sit on the patio until next mid-May or so, although you never know.  

Every October 21, another year clicks by since I first started working my first full time job for a City, so many years ago now.  On October 21, I started working full-time for the City of Liberal, Kansas.  I certainly never could have guessed what the future held more me at the time!

Watching the “qualifying” for Formula 1, the “United States Grant Prix”.  I was actually there last year, and it is truly amazing.  Hopefully we will be able to return sometime or somewhere else.  

Thinking about the privacy issue again.  Since I mentioned it yesterday morning, I am more and more aware of “tracks” we leave and really it wouldn’t be hard to reconstruct almost every move you make.  Where you ate breakfast, what you bought, when and where you bought gas, when and were you went to Starbucks, etc.  

Again, it really “doesn’t matter until it matters” and someone wants to misuse it.  

One comforting thought is the the library system here destroys all records of what we check out, so we have the “freedom to read” without fear that someone will try to track what we checked out.  As I noted, not that I would care, but it  seems that anything can be used against you.   

Apple Computer apparently is going to have an event soon where they will introduce the new “iPad”.  I was disappointed they didn’t have it at their last event, but that is maybe just as well.

Pleased  that the Dodgers are in the World Series.  Due to the minor league  farm team, we actually have personally watched many of the players play, including some of the players who made key plays.  

I realize at the level, a lot depends on “luck’ and it easily could have turned out otherwise but to some degree you make your own luck.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 21, 2018.               

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