2018 Fall October 22 Monday

2018 Fall October 22 Monday

52 degrees this morning, 34;57 minute walk, 73 % humidity

Good walk this morning full moon (slightly lopsided) setting in the west as I walked.  Slightly more wind than past several mornings.  As normal, dressed too warmly. 

Pace was 23 seconds slower than my goal.  I am hoping I can get it down some, but my experience has been that I walk slower when I am wearing “cold weather clothes.  

I noted this morning that, although I don’t think about work during my walk as near as much as I used to (different type of job) I still have sudden insights about work (as well as personal items) when I am walking.  

I’m not sure what it is, probably it gives my mind an opportunity ccjto explore new options since my mind is frequently in neutral and not really focused on any specific item, which allows “brain storming” thoughts to enter my head.

The insight I had this morning just popped into my mind, which is the way I develop a lot of insights!  I’m not even sure if I was thinking about the situation that I had the insight pop up!

I used to make lots of decisions, or maybe a better term is insights while I walked and especially while I bicycled.  As I mentioned, I “wrote” a lot of letters and memos when I was walking or bicycling, just a matter of writing them when I got back.  

Strange that we use the term “writing” still, when we rarely actually “write” with a pen and paper.  Or maybe the definition “writing” includes typing in on the computer.

Perhaps it is just because my consciousness is raised, but I am noting more and more news articles about diseases once thought as eliminated, now coming back, primarily because of people not having their children vaccinated.  

Even a disease like polio is coming back.   I think the “conspiracy” thinking may be getting out of hand.  

I was thinking about the privacy concept and thought about how even the gym has a record of when you come and go!  Although I really don’t care, it my be prudent to start asking businesses how long they retain their records!  

I started thinking about it and how I wonder if cable tv, and the “streaming” services maintain records of everything your watch?  I expect so, I know they do keep a record of everything you purchase. 

Some of the really nasty, misleading and flat lying ads run in this state’s Governor’s race (on both sides) are rather disturbing.  Do they really think voters are that stupid that such gross lies and distortions of the truth will work?

Apparently so, look at who is elected!  

That’s it for now, Monday, October 22, 2018.

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