2018 FAill Octobere 23 Tuesday

50 degrees this morning, 92% humidity, walk 34:55 minutes

Nice walk this morning, slightly lopsided moon setting fast in the west.  Little wind. 

Strange how quickly I got used to colder weather.  I may not like it, but I am getting used to it!

Pace this morning was 19 seconds slower than my goal.  I probably need to pick up my pace a little. On the other hand, if I don’t, what real difference does it make?  I doubt if the world will long remember of if my body really cares if I walk a pace that is 20 seconds faster! 

The “Great Course” on biology is interesting, but I”m not sure how much I’m actually picking up.  Like anything, I’m sure I am picking up some information I can use as a base to learn other information.  

Somehow my eyes glaze over (not literally) when I hear this type of information.  

Attended the local City Council meeting last night on a planning matter (which actually was continued).  Again, it was interesting to sit on the other side!  

i was surprised to learn that over 92% of the residents in this community recycle!  I think it is the ease of recycling (they have the big carts and you just toss everything in the cart).

Considering the fact that recycling right now is a money-losing proposition for the recyclers (due to the lack of markets for recycled material), I am surprised it is as inexpensive as it is. 

That thought comes after listening to the meeting last night about possibly raising trash  collection rates, primarily due to recycling and the cost of fuel. 

Interestingly, the report given at the meeting noted that, in addition to 92% of the customers recycling, about 20% of the customers had more than 2 trash carts (the big 92 gallon ones) and some  customers had more than 10 carts!  (Probably for yard waste, but they didn’t say.)

World Series starts tonight.  If you like baseball at all, it ought to be an interesting series, assuming both teams show up at their best for each game.

Somehow, somewhere, it seems they ought to find a better system than passwords etc. I have found in my job and personally passwords are one of the biggest frustrations of accessing the internet.  The fingerprint seems to work well, perhaps facial or optic recognition etc.  

While I don’t like the cool weather, I do like the “holiday season”, which basically starts with Halloween (although it isn’t a holiday), then Veterans Day, and then Thanksgiving and basically the entire time form Thanksgiving to after New Year Day!    

Of course, then you have the long wait for Spring, which somehow seems to take forever!  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 23, 2018.

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