2018 Fall October 24 Wednesday

49 degrees this morning, 88% humidity, Walk, 34;42 minutes 

Overall good walk this morning.  Still dress too warm for my walk, even though the temperature has virtually been the same.  I am comfortable with it, makes me feel like I have accomplished something if I sweat a lot. 

Saw a fire truck and ambulance rumble past (no lights or siren) and go into a nearby addition.  Fortunately on my walk, I usually don’t see a single car or vehicle on my walk.  I think the most I have ever seen is 3 vehicles.  

As expected, I see more on a weekend than any other day.  

No moon tonight, or at least I didn’t notice it.  

Pace was 2 seconds slower than my goal, which is nice since I didn’t even think about my pace during the walk.  Hopefully it is a trend!

Regarding the lottery, I am always surprised that so many people don’t buy a lottery ticket unless the price is high.  I would be happy with a mere $15 million!  

I guess it is just human nature.  I assume the odds of winning are the same, (since it depends on the number, not the number of people), although it seems like your chance of having to split the prize is based on the number of people buying tickets.  

It is fun to think about what you would do with the money (even if you don’t buy a ticket). Of course, with the odds so high, your chances of winning are virtually none, but you are guaranteed not to win if you don’t buy a ticket!

The other day someone looked at my phone and was shocked the I had almost 80,000 “unread messages”.  I was somewhat shocked myself!  (Right now, it stands at 76,862 on at least on one phone, I think the other phone is more).

They have reached such an overwhelming number, I’ll probably never do anything about it, except try to delete unwanted e-mails when I have time.   

Of course, “unread” could mean anything.  Unfortunately I get so many junk e-mails I overlook the actual e-mails if I’m not careful. 

Ditto with phone calls, while not near as bad as e-mails we were getting calls that I wonder just how stupid they thought we were!   Of course, they figure all they need is a small percentage of suckers.  

We signed on for a free “scam blocker”, which thus far appears to be working.  It really makes me feel good to see it working and a scammer blocked!

My favorite is the one who calls and tells me my “Microsoft computer” has a virus and they can fix it for me.  If I have the time, I lead them on until I “discover” that I don’t have a “Microsoft” computer! Actually now I just say something like “sure” and hang up.  

Probably the worst is the call where they ask for someone and then say “oh, while I’m talking to you….” and they proceed to ask for some donation. 

I can block numbers on my cell phone easily, I don’t know why they don’t make it just as easy to block spam e-mails.  

Rain is supposed to return, we’ll see.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 24, 2018.

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