2018 Fall October 25 Thursday

49 degrees this morning, no walk, 97% humidity 

No walk this morning, rain again. 

There has been a string of continuous temperatures basically the same at the time I walk.  That is somewhat unusual for this time of year.  

I do  remember one year when there was a light snow on Halloween, I hope this isn’t another Winter like that!   

Our country is really starting to resemble Germany in the HIlter reign, with a lying coward lunatic “leader” squealing his messages of hate and blaming everyone but himself for the problems he created and his ‘message” of hate and blame.  

Meanwhile he encourages  a bunch of “followers” chanting hateful chants at anyone that is “different” then them as he tries to cast blame for his incompetence on other groups. .  He has no accomplishments and is incompetent, so he is so insecure all he can do is blame others.  

The lunatic is destroying the economy with his incompetence and his criminal greed for “more and more” tax dollars for his personal companies and his donors and lobbyists and he actually blames others for his incompetent greedy actions!  

The lying coward lunatic is truly a despicable person who is simply a crude incompetent liar who continually squeals his racist, sexist “blame everyone but me” comments. 

Hopefully the U.S Congress will develop some courage and stop this nut.  

It is scary to think that over 40% of the people actually think he is doing a good job!  

What is really scary is to read about some of the comments on the “mail bombs”.  I even saw one “twitter” (I blocked the sender) who (with no proof, probably a lie) tried to justify the mail bombs with some comment about how a “leftist”  throw water on the lying coward lunatic supporters!

What really disappointed and scared me was the person who retweeted it!  He is now retired, but once was a respected leader and still has some sway on opinions   (I won’t go into details, since I have no idea of why the person who retweeted it did so.)

Anyway, I have to assume the extremist, crude, lying behavior has gone too far and there will be a reaction.  I hope it hasn’t changed the entire culture of the country permanently.

It will be interesting and perhaps educational to review this period 10 years from now and see how this permanently changed out culture and dynamics of government and society.

That’s it for now, Thursday, October 25, 2018.  

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