2018 Fall October 26 Friday


48 degrees this morning, Walk 35:39 minutes, 97 % humidity 

Foggy this morning, which is not good for my cough when I walk, although it wasn’t that bad.  

Pace was 38 seconds slower than my goal, which isn’t good, but I realized during walk my pace was off.

Listening to a Great Course” on biology.  It is currently going over Mendel’s  research on peas and pea breeding.  He was studying genetics before anyone really know about genetics.

It is interesting to listen to it, but the question that runs though my mind is, how in the world did he even think of how to proceed with pea breeding?  This was before anyone even knew what genetics was!

I did some quick research and cannot find a reason he dd the experiments. Maybe just a natural curiously and ability.  

Friday, thank goodness.  Some weeks fly by, others seem to drag a little, until I look back and realize that week had also flown by. 

Speaking of time, our “newest” car is now 4 years old and has over 65,000 mils on it.  Fortunately I have had few problems with it, it has been a good car.  

The same thing happens with my walking shoes, they are new, and then suddenly they are old.  My current shoes are about 50% towards the replacement mileage but still seem “new” to me!    

Thinking about Mendel, and possibly even Darwin, after watching a “60 Minutes” program on how some species of  animals are “disappearing”.  

I have to wonder, is there a reasons some species are disappearing?  While the natural indication is to support “saving” each species from extinction, sometimes I wonder if it is better for all species to be saved from extinction.  

I have to think, perhaps there is a reason for the species to become extinct.  I don’t have any idea, I just think it should not be an automatic endorsement that the species needs to continue.   I doubt if there can be any “proof” either way.

I read a book review of a book where the Author was talking about how to know when it is best to end something, so you can start something new.  He was referring to personal life, but I wondered how his concepts could be used to determine when a “species” should be allowed to become extinct.  

That’s it for now, Friday, October 26, 2018.                    

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