2018 Fall October 27 Saturday

50 degrees this morning, 97% humidity, no walk 

Weather this weekend is supposed to be nice, and it actually started getting better yesterday.  However, it looks like the 50 degrees +- morning temperature will continue until it only gets colder.  

Discouraging to think that it will be another 6 months or so before it warms again!  I realize there will periods of warm (and very cold) temperature, but I will be counting the days until it gets hot again.  

I heard about some island on the Virgin Islands where it is an average of 82 degrees which sounds like my kind of place!   (Except for the hurricanes!)

It is hard to believe that we have a so-called president who is such a narcissistic  out of control lying coward lunatic.  Even tries to say others are responsible for pipe bombs. and tries to use them for political advantage.  

Perhaps what is worse is to see the AK  crowd at his rallies that laugh at his sick, vicious, lying remarks.  

What I really don’t understand is how anyone an support someone who is an out and out liar and who will turn on you in a second when it is to his advantage to do so (at least in his lying, warped, mind).  

I could simply never support a chronic liar, no matter what his political beliefs are.   He lies when it doesn’t matter, which is really scary that he has lost all touch with reality.  

Aliene and I spent yesterday, and will spend most of the weekend, helping a political candidate for state office.  Whether the candidate wins or not, we feel like we are doing a small effort at working for someone who had our basic beliefs and will look for opportunities to continue to do so. 

While I recognize the importance of national races and the “big” state races, I feel I can have the most impact on local political races, and some of the state political races like the state Representatives and Senators.   

Working for cities, I realized how important the city and local governments are to the residents.  The city or county is responsible for streets, parks, planning/zoning, public safety, schools, libraries, etc. that really impact you most in everyday life.  

Perhaps most important of all is planning and zoning.  While everything has it’s place, somehow in some cities, the most important part, (in my opinion), residential,  is the last to be considered.

That is what I like about the city I live in now and the reason we moved from the big “central city” we lived in before.  There they allowed commercial to intrude on residential areas without any consideration for the residents.  

In the city we live in now, residential areas seem to have a lot of protection, and fortunately it is small enough (about 100,000) that residents still have an impact on decisions affecting their living areas.  They may not always be successful, but there are no flashing billboards in back yards etc.

We are becoming active in trying to keep it that way.  After all my years on “the other side” I really realize the contributions residents make when the get involved in their local government and how time consuming on your personal life it can be to keep informed and involved even when the local government is as accommodating as possible in providing information  

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 27, 2018.

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