2018 Fall October 28 Sunday

65 degrees this morning, walk 34:12 miles 65% Humidity.

Nice weather for my walk this morning.  I couldn’t believe the “warm” temperature (that a month ago I would have thought was very cold  As normal, I dressed too warm, but it still felt good to dress lighter.  

Pace was 12 seconds below my goal, which is the best I have had for awhile.  

We went to an “Apple Watch” session at the Apple Store yesterday and learned a lot about the Apple Watch.  It is amazing  what it can do.  The health features are really advanced and I wasn’t aware of some of them.  

The Apple store is always amazing to me, the energy there.  I looked at the new iPhones (just to get an idea of what they are like, I’m not going to buy one right now, at least until mid to late November and maybe not then.  

Also looked at the tablets, not quite ready to  pull the trigger on that one!  I like the concept of the pen/pencil.  I didn’t get a chance to use it, but will need to  use it some to see how I like it. 

I was thinking about the “iPad Pro”, but the “cheaper” version (in a manner of speaking) may work just as well.  

Starting to think about where we might go this winter to get out of the cold for a few days.  When is dependent on a variety of factors, and we basically need to know “when” before we can decide “what”!  

Thinking again about the apparent war on bottled water.  Places try to “ban” bottled water, but say nothing about  plastic bottles and cans of bottled soft drinks/ etc. in a wide variety of forms and shapes, juices, beer etc. and yet for some reason they attack bottled water.  

Working on the campaign of a person running against an incumbent for state office has emphasized to me the need for some type of leveling factor in regards to money.  

Someone without a lot of money has to contend with a fat “war chest” fo the incumbent and their “contributions” from the businesses they are supposed to regulate.

It is even worse at the national level where extremist groups, donors and lobbyists make it a very unlevel playing field for anyone to complete.  

Although we are on the very fringes of the campaign, we can more appreciate the sacrifices anyone makes when they run against an established incumbent who has been gathering money for lobbyists and donors since they first got into office and is a positing to provide a lot of favors for “contributions”.  

The author of the Newsletter I mentioned earlier, has what I consider a jaundiced view of politicians as the tool of lobbyists, donors and big businesses and I am beginning  to see why he feels that way.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 28, 2018

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