2018 October 29 Monday

49 degrees this morning Walk 34:48 minutes, 73% humidity 

Overall nice walk this morning in spite of the colder temperature.  Seemed a bit colder than 49 degrees, but that could be a reaction to the warmer weather over the weekend.  

So many times, in this time of year and Spring, there are beautiful days like this and you think “I need to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather” or, more likely, you are doing something inside and someone says (who is also inside) that “i can’t believe you aren’t out enjoying the wonderful day!”.

Not sure what all of this means, just human nature I guess.  I guess you have to be in the mood even for a beautiful day!  If you are in the mood for beautiful weather and there is beautiful weather that is great!l  However, if you have other priorities, you won’t enjoy a beautiful day even if is is a wonderfully beautiful day.  

Somewhere, this must all mean something, I’ll have to dwell on it!  Of course, it also depends on your definition of a “beautiful day”!

Pace was 4 seconds slower than my goal, which I consider basically the same as meeting my goal.

Basically finished the project for the candidate for state representative. Personally I think something needs to be done about the role of “campaign donations”, I feel it has severely warped the democratic process.

Unfortunately I don’t have the answer, I just know there is a severe problem. 

I am ashamed to say I am “from” Kansas (although at least I am least glad I no longer live there), when I read about a cretin in Dodge City who set up one polling place (for a city of around 27,000), moved the polling place outside of the city limits to an area with no parking and sidewalks and then even gave the wrong address!

When the ACLU complained and suggested a “voter information program”  (I’m not clear about that), she sent the criminal governor candidate who is trying to suppress voting a “LOL” comment.  Shameful. She should be immediately removed from office.

 Hopefully the government candidate who made a big deal about “voter fraud” in the past several years, will lose and be indicted for voter fraud himself.

I’m not sure what happened to Kansas, but I remember growing up I was always impressed by the political fairness of Kansans, now it sounds like they are attempting to suppress voting for people who won’t vote “their” way and, of course, trying to shovel tax $ to the rich, donors and lobbyists at the extreme expense of education, and low and moderate income people.  

I know my parents would never have believed that Kansas would turn into a state where such suppressive, unconstitutional and shameful actions would be considered acceptable.  

Not that it is the only state with such shameful, unconstitutional actions, there are other states trying to suppress voters with actions that I”m sure are unconstitutional.  

Halloween is almost here, then the change in time and then the  elections, and then the “holidays”.  I think the Holidays especially are “markers” and it gives you an opportunity to note the changes.  Children grow, everyone is a year older and time keeps passing by.  

Start of another work week”  and the end of October 2018.

That’s it for now, Monday, October 29, 2018.

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