2018 Fall October 30 Tuesday

70 degrees this morning, 70% humidity

No walk this morning, due to schedule and, although I feel fine now, felt slightly sick when I woke up so I may not have walked anyway.

70 degrees , it is hard not to walk when the normal morning temperature has been 49 degrees.  Maybe later today.  

Just saw a “news flash” that the lying coward racist lunatic thinks he can amend the constitution with an “Executive Order” and outlaw “birth citizenship”.  

Nest he will issue an “Executive Order” making himself “President for Life” and suspend all elections and the Bill of Rights.  Time to impeach this incompetent racist lunatic or remove him with the 25th amendment.

It is time his handlers take some crayon and drew some pictures and explain the constitution to the lying coward racist lunatic.  

What is scary is seeing the lying coward lunatics “fans” and their vicious sneering faces, looking so much like the crowds of Hitler, Mussolini, Tito etc.  It is especially troubling when the lying coward lunatic encourages violence and gets this roar from them.  Where do these people come from?

He can’t continue to encourage violence and then blame the news media for reporting what he says.  Again, is is even more scary that his staff extend his lies and justify his calls for violence.  

It appears the news media is finally developing some courage and calling a liar a liar. Hopefully they will hang in there.  

Listening to Bob Woodward’s book “Fear”, it is frightening to hear about the views of the robot  Nazi Miller and other incompetent fanatics who influence the lying coward lunatic.  

After a period of rain, the weather has been wonderful here.  As I mentioned before it is reaching the time where I live “one day at a time” in regard to the weather and am just glad one more day of winter is over without any bad weather.  

Actually I try to live “one day at a time” anyway.  I heard a speech last night and part of the exercise was to “eat a grape and really enjoy it”. 

I was thinking if I took my time and “totally enjoyed” each item as I eat it, I would probably eat a lot less.  Something I need to try!  

Actually, I do try to enjoy each day and what is enjoyable about that day.  I think being “aware” of both the good and negative aspects of life and being aware of the experience is important and not attempting to hide or cover up negative feelings.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

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