2018 Fall October 31 Wednesday

54 degrees this morning, Walk 35:21 minutes, 73 % humidity 

Walk this morning was actually better than I expected.  Based on the forecast I expected it to be nasty, even if it wasn’t raining.  it actually was relatively nice, although it was one of those day where it seemed to get colder as I walked.

Considering that the temperature  yesterday at the time I normally walk was 70 degrees, that was quite a change!

Pace was 24 seconds slower than my goal, I need to improve on that! 

Listening to the “Great Course” on biology.  It is interesting, it currently is on genetics etc.  It is interesting, it has bought up some concepts I was kind of vaguely aware of, but didn’t really understand.  Not that I understand them now, but I understand them much more than I used too.

The good thing about this course is it has a “study guide” to accompany the course which I find valuable in understanding the concepts when I can go back and read about what I heard.

I would like to “re-listen” to many of the books I listen to in the morning when I walk, but I don’t have time to do re-listen to them, mainly because I have too many other books I haven’t listened to them at all.  As they say, “So many books, so little time”!

Aliene and I (and especially Aliene) have been busy the last several days (since Friday) “involved” in the political process, helping a candidate running for State Representative. 

Even though is is obviously a microcosm of politics, it has been fun and interesting to be involved.  

Yesterday we had our HVAC inspected, another sign of the change of seasons.  

We are getting tired of the difficulty of finding anyone to work on our house who takes pride in their work.  We have been fortunate in finding  some that take pride in their work, but it is difficult to really find reliable qualified contractors.  

I realize that is a common problem, but that doesn’t make i any better.

Anyway, we started to look for “maintenance free” housing  we could rent.  Of course we looked at “Senior” housing.  While it is good for many people, we are in the niche that we really don’t need meals, and we don’t want to be warehoused into a small apartment.  

We have also found that many “Senior Housing” facilities are apparently built by people who have little knowledge, or at least applied knowledge of some of the possible problems of Senior Citizens.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

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