2018 Fall November 1 Thursday

47 degrees this morning, no walk, 69% humidity.

Rained yesterday, a very nasty  cold outside.  Last night was a bitter cold (for the temperature).  The temperature is not the reason I’m not walking, it is because of my schedule for the morning.  

Yesterday while I was walking, I had that strange situation where the train noise seems like a train that is actually on the east of me was on the west, if that makes any sense.  If I didn’t know better, I would swear it was on the west of me!

I am sure there is a name for that.  I haven’t figured out how to ask the question to get a reasonable answer on Google.  Google (and other search engines) are amazing, but not always a means of finding an answer.  

By chance, after I made my comments about “Senior house” yesterday, I read an article that there is a “glut” of Senior Housing since “baby boomers” are not moving to Senior Housing like they expected.  

It may be one reason is that people are more healthy and stay in their homes longer.

However I feel another reason is the misconception that Senior Citizens will accept being warehoused into small living areas and also most builders/developers seems to have little concept of how Senior Citizens live, age and their concerns.  

For example, I have seen apartments/houses build “for” Senior Citizens that have showers with high bathtubs that you almost have to be an athletic to get into.  That doesn’t make much sense for any age group.  

In one complex, the “exercise” room is on the second floor and only accessible by steep stairs, made even more difficult by a turn.  What were they thinking?   A lot of people who love to walk on treadmills, life weights etc. may have difficulty walking hip stairs!  

In fact, it seems that many people (or any age) may want to exercise as part of physical therapy etc. and they are completely blocked out.

One  complex has apartments, with a car port (from a neighbor) right next to the bedroom etc. and similar design travesties.  

Another item I have noticed is the housing complexes that offer meals.  (This is primarily in complexes that offer more intensive housing options such as assisted housing etc., which is an entirely different matter.)  The meals (which are required to live even in independent houses) are super expensive and normally the meal plan doesn’t make a lot of sense.  In one case, you could have breakfast every day and only 10 meals the rest of the months.  Convenient and profitable for the owner, not much sense  (and extremely expensive) for the tenants.  The “second person” charge is $800 per month, which means they value each meal (including the breakfast) at $20 per meal!  We can eat every meal in a restaurant for $800 per month and even have them delivered!

Anyway, one theme I have heard from persons of all ages is the needs or homes with little or no maintenance, or where someone else does the maintenance, and who have no need of “meals” or other expensive options.  Also, homes that provide adequate space and don’t have a lot of artificial barriers.  

It is strange that the market appears to be there, but they aren’t being built. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 1, 2018.

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