2018 Fall November 3 Saturday

48 degrees this morning Walk 34:42 minutes, 60% humidity

Really had to fire myself up to walk this morning when I saw the 13 mph wind!  However it wan’t really that bad.  

Sky was clear and the “modern easy chair” moon was far in the east, wandered what time it was going to set, since it was way in the east!  

I saw some Christmas lights lit up, the first of the season i have seen on a private house.  (Unless they just left them up from last year).  Normally at the time I walk, Christmas decorations aren’t lit anyway.  It was just lights, no decorations etc.

Pace was 28 seconds slower than my goal.  I wasn’t surprised since it was one of those walks where I was glad just to take it “one step at a time” and just glad to finish

Some days (like Friday) I am raring to walk and almost nothing will stop me, other days, like today, I kind of have to force myself a little!  

Recently read about how companies use a (of course) secret “Customer Value Index”, where companies use some weird secret “index” to decide what kind of service you will receive if it is “worth it” to give any customer decent service!  

Several years ago, I read about how Capital One pushed its employees to “cross sell”, meaning when you called for help they tried to sell you something else, which is probably one fo the most time consuming factors you can have when you call for help. 

i immediately quit using anything from Capital One, but the idea seems to have become an obsession with businesses and even governments.  

Of course, businesses such as “Sales Force” base much of their products based on using “customer data” in an attempt to  target people for marketing purposes etc.  

Nothing illegal or anything (probably) about it, but I just don’t like the idea of the ‘we know what’s good for you” type of thinking.  

However, the concept of the “Customer Value Index” is especially infuriating, depending on how it is used.  If it is a public utility or even a major airline where you don’t really have a lot of choice, I think it indicates something about the business if it baes it’s service based on some arbitrary “customer value index”.

I have to question what is wrong with treating all customers as “customers” instead of trying to assign some arbitrary value to determine how to treat a “customer”.  

I read about another aspect of recycling the other day, when I read that a local farmer was recycling “pumpkins”.  They take all pumpkins and either feed them to their pigs or use them for compost etc.  I like that type of thinking!

That’s it for now,  Saturday, November 3, 2018.

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