2018 Fall November 4 Sunday

43 degrees this morning walk 35:10 minutes 80% humidity 

Daylight Savings Time begins  again (or maybe just ended, I am never sure).  While I don’t like the fact that it indicates  codd weather is here, I really like the “extra hour” we get for the day.

For one day, I really feel like I have gained an hour!  All day, I will feel like the day has been slightly lengthened and somehow we really did get an extra hour!

I used to try to get up at the same time in an effort to start getting up earlier.  I no longer do that because I was much too successful and I have no interest in getting up earlier.  

I am actually at the point where if I wake up even  few minute earlier than my usual wake-up time, I’ll take a nap until the usual time, even if it is a couple of minutes.  The reason for that is that I got into my current wake-up time by waking a few minutes earlier and going ahead and getting up.  Soon I was at a time that I had no interest in getting up earlier!  

That is one thing I always liked about flying west was the time “saved”.

Walk this morning was ok despite the cold.  The “modernistic easy chair” moon was way in the east and the skies were clear.  

“Early voting” is over in this state.  We didn’t “early vote”, we may wish we had, or that we have voted by mail.  The “vote by mail” has to be notarized, so that is always somewhat of a hassle also.  

Reading into some different fiction, I finished “In the Midst of Winter”Isabel Allende.  I didn’t really expect to like it, but I was drawn into it as I  started reading it and I finished yesterday.  

Listening to the “Great Course” on biology, it was really interesting how he explains how “species”  are classified and how the we are all interrelated.  I am sure it was a very simplified explanation, but it was interesting.  It is also amazing how closely all living things are related, or maybe not.

My mind tends to wander when I am listening to information which is not immediately useful, or in this case, something I”m simply not familiar with..

I have found it makes it much better if I try to think of useful ways to use the information, or simply imagine I am trying to explain it to someone. 


I still am still working on my “personal Strategic Plan”, aimed at completing some of the long term projects I have been working on.  It isn’t difficult, it is just a matter of doing it, like so much else in life!

Updated my desktop computer, I alway hesitate about installing upgrades.   I am always concerned it will mess up my computer etc.  

New iPads are out.  While i’m not interested in upgrading  right now, I am glad they are available, I think for many people it will substitute for a regular computer, or maybe it already has. 

The new iPad has a lot of interesting features that really set it aside from another other iPhone’s, phone and even computers.                                                                                       

I actually see a slot of people who have become very effective in using their iPhone as their only computer.

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 4 2018.

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