2018 Fall November 5 Monday

53 degrees this morning, walk 35:19 minutes 66% humidity (wind 19 mph)

Walked out this morning into the wind and thought “oh no”.  Actually, and fortunately, the wind only is at its worst in several places along the walk, most of the areas are protected from the wind.  

of course the worst wind is as I return.  Right now, while it made it about 7 degrees colder, the wind wasn’t that bad.  When it gets down to the 20’s etc., it will be be bad!  

Pace was 17 seconds slower than my goal.  Not bad considering the wind etc.  

The change in time still affects me I woke up exactly one hour earlier than normal, ready to go and was surprised when I saw the time, until I remembered about the time change.

Fortunately,  I went right back to sleep and slept another hour!  I always kind of like waking up in the middle of the night (a time or two, at least) and realizing i still have time to sleep!

I have to admit, I am shocked at the extreme lies, racist comments, and outright pandering to the lowest possible instincts of the lying coward racist lunatic.   

Even the congressional cowards and bootlickers it seems would have to say
“enough” to the  lies and personal idiot attacks on what the lying coward pervert lunatic apparently feels are “enemies”  and his calls for violence. 

He obviously has the attitude he is a coward dictator who has to “kill” his “enemies” in his insane lunatic mind.   


Certainly his use of the federal government resources for the paranoiac lunatic for his personal political use are grounds for impeachment and imprisonment  

He is absolutely insane and it is time for the congressional cowards and bootlickers to say “enough” instead of encouraging this insanity in the hopes of getting more tax $ for their donors and lobbyists. 

Start of a new month and now it is already the 5th of the month!  It just seems that time flies.  

Although I don’t like the weather this time of year, I do like the Holidays!  As I have noted before, 8 of 11 Holidays are over the next 4 months, most in the next 3 months!  

As I have noted before, while a Holiday isn’t quite as important to me as it used to be, since I rarely (or more likely never) get “work” calls on weekends or evenings and even rarely when I am on vacation, Holidays were always a respite when everyone knew I was off work and was usually only contacted for emergencies.  

Anyway, the start of another week and a 3 day weekend this weekend to look forward to!  

That’s it for now, Monday November 5, 2018.

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