2018 Fall November 6 Tuesday

44 degrees this morning, 85% humidity, Walk, 34:12 minutes

Good walk this morning in spite of cold.  No or little wind, no moon showing this morning.  

Paces was 7 seconds slower than my goal.  

Still watching “The Wire” on my lunch breaks and while at Starbucks etc.  In spite of some of the very objectionable language, it is or was a wonderful series.  (I don’t know if it is still on or not,)  I am watching it on Amazon Prime, I think it is from the early 2000 era, although I don’t know.  The have cell phones but don’t appear to have smart phones yet.  

One thing I need to do is look up “The Wire” on the internet so I can pick up on some of the more subtle things I probably miss.  

I love some of the quotes the characters make such as I recently noted “Wherever you go, there your are”.  

I know what it means, but I’m not sure if I could explain it (at least in 350 words or less). 

I think it means the same thing as “you can run, but you can’t hide”, no matter what you have to live with your fears, weaknesses, strengths and positive aspects, and just because you are in a new situation you don’t change your spots so to speak.  

That may be good or bad, but I think there is a lot of truth in it.  

Another thing I like about The Wire is that even the worst characters have some redeeming qualities and even the best characters have weaknesses or defects.  

I don’t know how many seasons they actually filmed, but I am on season 4 of 5 seasons.  I am going to have severe withdrawal when I finish the fifth season!  Hopefully they filmed more seasons. 

During the past several years since I started the “lunch break” watching and watching when I was hanging out at Starbucks etc., I have watched Dowton Abbey, The Sopranos, Bosch and The Wire and one forgettable move.  (I forgot the name of it.)

I really can’t say which one I liked best, I liked them all and regretted when they were done.  

Living with the “digital assistants”  (Amazon Echo and Google Home) has been an evolving learning process.  We only have one Google Home Mini (we got it free) and several Amazon Echo’s.  

They each have their good points.  The Google Home Mini voice is a lot better and I think their research and information is a lot better.  However, the Amazon Echo also has a lot of good points.

We probably aren’t getting the full benefit of them, but as I mentioned, it is an evolving process and new learn more all the time.  

We love the “lists” and the “reminders” and “timers”.  We have rapidly gotten used to using the “lists”, which are really wonderful since they can also be accessed on the iPhone app when you get to the store.  I am sure there are a lot of other things it can do and we will gradually figure out!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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