2018 Fall November 7 Wednesday

48 degrees this morning, no walk, 64% humidity. 

Reading with interest about the new Apple products, the MacBook Air and the new iPads.  

Although I hopefully will not need to buy either in he near future, it is nice to know they are available.  

My current iPad and my MacBook Air are over 5 years old, but running strong and probably won’t become completely obsolete for several years.  Probably the one think that would decide me to buy another MacBook Air is a touch screen, but I don’t think that is coming at least in the near future.  

I am starting to debate a new iPhone, but my present one is working fine, I’ll probably still at least look at a new iPhone and the advancements that make it worth while.

Sitting in a restaurant last night, watching everyone look at their iPhones/smart phones, I marveled at the change in the culture this has created over the past ten years.  

I can remember the first “small” cell-phone in the mid-nineties and how the cell phone suddenly became a “must have” item and not an item just for “yuppies”.  

Probably I saw a real breakthrough when I saw that homeless people had a smart phone, which makes sense.

Even now, many times I encounter someone whose only “computer” is a smart phone, which provides them their own access to the internet.

Probably the access to the internet for all was one of the most important aspects of smart phones, even though the “apps” were certainly an important advancement.  

The “mid-term” elections are over.  I’m proud of the people in Kansas for perhaps returning to the more reasoned type of government they had years ago instead of a crook who attempts to suppress voters and sees a conspiracy behind every woodpile.

Of course the lying coward racist lunatic is squealing about how good he was, lying as normal.  He is a hateful, disgraceful symbol of hate and violence and cowardice   If he lasts two years, hopefully the voters will oust this lying coward lunatic and let him spend his time as his golf courses gouging on fast food on his own dime and sending out coward tweeting lies and personal attacks that no one cares to read.  

Listening to and reading about the shortage of both “trucks” and “drivers”. One statistic I heard was that there are 7 loads for every truck.  

I don’t know the answer, but I think this shipping shortage in a world that depends on shipping could create problems.  So much of what consume we depend on a transportation network to get it to us.  

As an example, I noticed that the blueberries I buy are made in Peru.  I was thinking what it takes to get blackberries from Peru to me while they are still fresh!  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 7 2018.

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