2018 Fall November 8 Thursday

47 degrees this morning, walk 35:16 minutes, 59 % humidity 

Walk this morning was a little rough at first, wind etc.,but turned out to be relatively good. 

Pace was 33 seconds slower than my goal.  Not good, but not bad on days like today when my real goal is just to put one foot in front of another until I finish my  run 

Rain is coming in, but it looked like it would be  several hours yet.  The current forecast even calls for a light snow over the weekend, which is way too soon for that type of weather!

It dose seem strange that we (society as a whole)  doesn’t have more control over the weather.  We have gotten much better at forecasting, but still have’t had any advancements over controlling weather since the old days of cloud seeding for rain making.

When I think about it, it may be good.  However, zI am sure soon weather would be used as a weapon by various countries, people would go to the extreme and there would be a lot of ethical and legal questions concerning the control of weather.  

I assume with the dynamics of weather, if we could actually “control” weather, it would be more a matter of containment, or, perhaps worse,  the ability to change the weather patterns which means it could be used to “punish”  countries etc., which would raise a lot of questions.  

Just like nuclear weapons, I think the weather changing technology would need to be closely guarded and have limited distribution.  

I don’t even have any idea if there is any technology that is being developed that can change or contain the weather or not.  I expect someone is working on it.    

However, I haven’t heard a lot about any plans or even research in controlling or containment of weather.  

Probably the major aspect would be the fact is it would be  “real” eliminate change.  There would be a lot of questions .

I expect it is something I will not have to worry about, since is is  so far into the future.  However the money involved could be tremendous.  

There is a wide variety of decisions that would have to be made including who would have the final say in weather change etc.   Or it could be a mess with competing weather changing businesses wrx.

I expect, at first, there would also be competing technologies, just like 8 track tapes vs. cassette tapes, etc.

Interesting to think about, I will need to do some research on this!

That’s iit for now, Thursday, November 8, 2018  

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