2018 Fall November 9 Friday

36 degrees this morning (no walk), 94% humidity 

Light mist, rain, yesterday, last night.  Snow produced Monday which is early for this area.  

Yesterday I heard a statistic that the “average” day for the first 1” of snow was January 1, which kind of fits with my experiences.  Around here, most of the time the really nasty weather (other than cold) starts after Christmas or around Christmas.  

A few years ago, I remember we came back for Christmas and were basically stuck in a hotel room for several days and couldn’t even get out and eat!  We were eating out of vending machines.   I seem to remember we were stuck in it for three days, but I may not be remembering right!  

I was thinking some more on my thoughts yesterday on the weather.  

If I was a conspiracy theory person (I’m not), I could look at the weather disasters that started in the mid-nineties and suggest that  someone HAS learned to control the weather and they are testing out their concepts and learning which of their techniques work the best!

Tornados, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, horrible tsunamis etc. that were the “worst in history”.  Makes you wonder.  

Of course, I always thought it probably was better systems of measurement, information etc. and it probably was more a matter of better measurement of the disaster and the 24 hour news cycle with rapid social media as much as anything.

Of course you also have to consider climate change from environmental neglect as much as someone controlling the weather.  

I remember going to conference sessions on “El Nino’s”, climate change etc.  They were just surface type sessions for persons (like me) who didn’t have any knowledge.  I saw a lot of worried faces after the sessions as it sunk into people that the threats were real.  

No matter how much you don’t want to believe something, eventually you have to face the facts.  (Unless you are a politician or promoter  who makes a lot of money off denial and conspiracy theories.)  

Anyway, we are facing our first “winter weather”, or at least the forecast of it.  Not looking forward to it.  One good thing is that now I am flexible and I don’t need to drive in bad weather!  

Friday is here and a 3-day weekend is ahead!  Bad weather or not, I will enjoy it!

That’s it for now, Friday, November 9, 2018.

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