2018 Fall November 10 Saturday

24 degrees this morning (feels like 18), 70 % humidity 

I kind of feel like I wimped out (I did) and didn’t walk this morning, due to the temperature.  Of course, I need to get used to it or find another place to walk.  I expect I will get used to it!  

My problem is during the recent cold weather, I start coughing in cold weather when I walk outside.  Combine that with “exercise induced asthma” and it creates problems walking in (for around here) extremely cold weather. 

I have adapted in the past and I will adapt this winter. The only alternative is to change my walking time, so I will need to adjust.  

Probably will miss tomorrow morning also for other reasons, so I need to evaluate how to continue walking and exercise.  

One problem is I tend to “link” all my exercise, that is I don’t lift weights unless I walk etc., which really doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I think it is a matter of habit, since there is no reason I can’t do my setups and weights when I don’t walk.  They really are totally unrelated. 

Did some light research on “weather control”.  Other than some “rain making” there isn’t a lot of ways to control, or perhaps “influence” is better term, there isn’t a lot of ways to “control” weather.  Or at least no one is talking about it.

Of course, I ran into the usual conspiracy theories about how the NOAA controls the weather etc. 

However, there have been many “weather modification” patents issued, which really doesn’t man much unless they work.  Most are related so some type of rain modification.  

The United Nations prohibits weather modification as a weapon. That is probably good in concept but difficult to monitor or regulate.

Anyway, I”ll continue to monitor information on weather modification or control.  It seems too obvious of an opportunity to miss, or maybe like GMO’s it is something that could create a lot of damage and concern.

I did note that “hurricane steering” is also widely discussed, but the actual proof that this is possible  (at least at this time) is a question of discussion.  

Looking forward to a three day weekend, even if it does snow Monday!  It is difficult to realize that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, actually even less than two weeks away. 

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 10, 2018.

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