2018 Fall November 11 Sunday

44 degrees this morning, humidity 58 degrees, no walk this morning (schedule and have company)

Got as low as 21 degrees yesterday, making me think it would be cold this morning, but obviously it warmed up!  

Still forecasting snow tomorrow (Monday).

Read about a “Hoverbike” that is being tested by the Dubai Police Department.  (The same department that has the worlds fastest police car, that can reach 253 mph.)

May not be practical right now, but like anything, improvements can be rapid!  It is supposed to have some drone like qualities also.  I’m not quite sure if I understand how it works, but I’m sure I’ll see more about it!

As I have noted before, when i was a child I saw an ad with a “self-driving car” and I am still somewhat appalled that the basic automobile, as a concept, hasn’t basically changed in over 100 years.  

I realize there has been a lot of advancements, substantial improvements and use of advanced technology.  

However, the basic car is really the same, you still need to drive it to your destination, you still drive on tires etc.

I had always thought of advanced cars as self-driving, self-parking etc and I never thought I would be this old and still driving he same basic car, if you consider that I have to drive it on a street etc.  

I am pleased to see the advancements in the “self driving” car concept, although I think it is longer off than people expect.  

I haven’t  really thought much about  the concept of a flying car or motorbike.  I think there are just too many problems to work out with air space, unless there are designated fly routes like streets, rather than just fling willy nilly around  to different places.  

I always thought “drones” would have a place in delivery, but I think the technology needs to be improved.  

I really think physical delivery is reaching a limit as far as being feasible, but I have thought that before and new concepts are developed and new procedures are implemented!

Today marks the 100 anniversary of World War I.  Reading about it, I cannot comprehend how people could live and fight under those conditions, or the loss of life, the injuries and the impact on all of he cultures. It is literally beyond even my vivid imagination what the conditions were (and still are in many places in he world).  

I think keeping the consequences and unbelievable cost in human life and our society of World War I and II in mind is important, especially as to the mindset that led  to the start of the wars.  

Comparing the evil of the past to the evil of the present and taking steps to prevent such disasters as WWI and II is important.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 11, 2018.

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