2018 Fall November 12 Monday

38 degrees this morning, 88% humidity, light rain, no walk.

Snow forecast today.  With the temperature, it almost seems more likely to get a freezing rain, which is a lot worse than snow!

Veterans Day Holiday today.  Too bad it is bad weather today on a Holiday!  

I may have finally found a good way to take photos of my Hot Wheels, we’ll see.  My plan it to take photos or all the “loose” Hot Wheels and then take pictures of the Hot Wheels still in boxes and then let them loose in the wild, hopefully in time for the great grandchildren to play with them!  Not that they don’t have plenty of Hot Wheels to play with already!  

They are amazingly durable.  Only a few have been damaged to the point to me having to throw them away or even show signs of the rather rough play they get!  

Another sign of “you get what you pay for”.  I bought some cheaper cars (than Hot Wheels) and they are damaged a lot easier plus I don’t think they are as much fun for them to play with.  For the difference in cost, I’d been a lot better off buying Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars.  

I usually only buy the “under $1,00” cars, I don’t really care if they are collectible or not.  If you can’t play with them, why have them!  

Another area of “you get what you pay for” I’ve found is walking shoes.  My feet have thanked me many times in the last four years for buying a better quality walking shoe!  They are more than just a few dollars more expensive, but they are well worth the money.  

I have finally settled on Brooks walking/running shoes as being the best quality shoe for me.

They are especially worth it, since I was facing an operation with 6-8 weeks off my feet if he better quality shoes didn’t work!  Fortunately they did!  

Another item I never really thought about before was socks.  The more expensive “walking socks” are also well worth the extra money (at least to me).  I don’t need them for just causal walking (although I actually have never tried them for causal walking), but they sure make a difference when I exercise walk.

Not being able to walk because of weather, colds etc. happens every winter, but that doesn’t make it any better!  I’ve been trying to decide another place I could walk, but by the time I drive someplace to walk it takes a lot of time.  

Probably a good compromise is a good quality treadmill, something we have discussed and are probably going to get.  I say “quality’ because the last treadmill we had was designed so it was difficult to read while on the treadmill so we didn’t use it that much since there is nothing more boring than walking on a treadmill without something to read or watch.  (The treadmill was so noisy, it was also difficult to watch tv etc. while walking. This was before the time of “streaming” shows.)


I could still walk in good weather.  Actually years ago, I started off each morning on the treadmill and than a swim, which is my preferred exercise, but decent swimming pools are rare.

Hopefully it won’t snow or have too much “freezing rain” today! 

That’s it for now, Monday, November 12, 2018. 

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