2018 Fall November 13 Tuesday

21 degrees this morning (feels like 10 degrees), no walk, 81% humidity  

For obvious  reasons, didn’t walk this morning, not only the cold but the snow on the ground and possibly ice on the sidewalk/streets!

Snow started early yesterday morning and continued throughout the morning and then cold weather.  

Actually set a “calendar day” (Nov. 12) record here.  .7 “ in some areas, I think we had closer to an inch here.  An inch in this  area in early November is a lot of  snow, or at least a lot of snow this early!

Spent a “snow day” at home yesterday, didn’t even go outside except to pickup the newspapers right as it started snowing.  Don’t do that often, got a book finished and another one started!  

There is a certain aura of the suspension of normal life that occurs when there is a heavy snow, at least if I don’t need to go out in it!  

Normally I would do an “office day’ today, especially since I always have plenty of office work to do, but I have a medical appointment early this morning that I need to get out for.  

One of the aspects of moving and change of jobs is the fact I don’t really  need to go out in bad weather, which takes some fo the sting out of the cold/snowy/icy weather!

One book I was reading yesterday was a book about a person who was involved in the undercover work involved in controlling terrorism (American Radical).  It was interesting, perhaps a little scary.  

The starting three day Veterans Day weekend is over, a 4 day work week this week and than an 3 day work week next week for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  

If I am figuring right, this is the earliest that Thanksgiving can come, unless the first day of November is on November 1st, which is probably true for next year.  

I always like the Thanksgiving Day holiday, I like the concept and the family iteration normally involved.  As I have noted before, some of my earliest memories come from Thanksgiving.  And of course I like the 4 day weekend!

Recently read where it is important to review your dreams.  I haven’t been remembering many of my dreams lately, but idd not a snippet yesterday>

Dream 11-12-18

Dreamed left glasses some place and someone bought them in and they were missing  a lens and one fo the “arms” had fallen off.

Don’t remember much else other than that.  

A second dream was I took the car to get gas.  Somehow in the dream I was waiting without a car fro both our cars to come down to get gassed.  

I’d see what I thought was our car, but it would be another kind of car.  It was an old fashioned service station, not a convenience store/service station.  

I don’t know how I got there without a car, but this was a dream.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 13, 2018. 

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