2018 Fall November 16 Friday

38 degrees this morning, walk 34:56 miles, 81% humidity.

Walk this morning was good, not even really that cold, although I dressed for it.  No wind, which helped.  It felt good to start walking again.  

Didn’t have any extreme reaction to the cold air, as far as coughing etc. 

Pace was 16 seconds slower than my goal, which is ok, I was just pleased to finish the walk.

Again, I realized the difference in “quality” walking socks versus cheaper socks.  I use the “walking socks’ only for my walk, although I walk quite a bit during the day on “field days” and I really noticed the difference.  

I  read an article about the hazards of “free” the other day.  The article pointed out that Facebook, Google etc. depend (I believe) about 80% on advertising, while Apple, Netflix etc. depend very little on advertising.  

The article also noted that “free TV” aimed at the lowest level (which may be true, but not 100% or even close) while HBO, Netflix etc. have proven people will pay for quality programming.  

Personally, I don’t care if Facebook and Google use my data (in a general sense) for advertising.  Free is free.  Of course, they also have the obligation to protect the individual data, but it makes just common sense not to put some data.

Of course I realize my demographics don’t attract anyone anyway, other than AARP or Medicare Advantage programs!

I recently fill outed a survey with my correct data and was advised the survey had closed.  I went back and used different demographics and was invited to complete the complete survey!

Speaking of a self fulfilling prophecy!

I was surprised at the articles about “how to quit Facebook” etc.  I never even thought about quitting Facebook or Messenger. 

Basically you pay a price for “free” and I think anyone realizes and accepts this when they  subscribe to a “free” service.  

As I mentioned before, I am trying to keep track of my dreams.  I don’t make any attempt at interpretation, I just  just kind of go with the flow and try to keep track of my dreams.  

This is a small snippet, but wanted to keep track pf all the dreams I can.

Dream 11-14-18

Dreamed on a train ride.  Not sure where or why. 

Switching trains, I bought a bunch of cardboard over the the conductor said no problem with taking the cardboard.  Said he had some type of freight, but it was going to another city.

The train was really dusty and there was a lot of boxes, which hadn’t been crushed, I had cut up mine.  

That’s it for now,, Friday,  11-16-18

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