2018 Fall November 19 Monday

33 degrees this morning, 73% humidity, no walk

No walk this morning, outdoor temperature plus I have a medical test this morning.  

Yesterday was cold all day, slight freezing drizzle in the early morning.  Winter weather has arrived a lot earlier this year.  Normally  we don’t get weather and temperatures like that here until around  Christmas.  

Three day work week this week, off on Thanksgiving and Friday. I always like Thanksgiving. 

Aliene made fudge yesterday, which means I go to “lick” a lot of pans!  I can testify it is wonderful fudge this year!  We didn’t eat much else other than breakfast and fudge!  

Overall a good weekend, ins spite  of, or maybe because of the weather.  

Realized another advantage (I think) of the “Amazon Echo”  yesterday morning.  A “yellow ring” was occasionally pulsing and I couldn’t figure out why..  So I asked it.  

Apparently when we order something from Amazon, the Echo provides us with a “Notification” when the day it is going to be delivered and also a notification when the package actually arrives!  

We saw the “Amazon Prime” van deliver the item and the driver actually RAN the package to the door and ran back to the van.  We then immediately got  notice that our package was on the porch  


Attended a “Neighborhood Alliance” meeting Thursday, presentation on the “Comprehensive Plan” for the city. 

This week we have the “annual meeting” of the HOA.  Not quite sure why it is on a Friday night, although I guess that does mean there are fewer conflicts since most meetings are on Friday.  

I remember one city I was in, one group started having breakfast meetings since “no other meetings were at this time”.  It worked so well, soon a lot of groups started having morning meetings, meaning there was now conflicts with other meetings! 

Sometimes something can be too successful!

We don’t go to a lot of HOA and Neighborhood Alliance meetings, primarily because they don’t have a lot o freeings and the HOA meetings are frequently on a night where we have a conflict.  

The HOA is responsible for enforcing the covenants etc., so it can be and of a thankless job.   Since the covenants are stricter than city ordinances, it is more difficult to explain to people what the rules are and enforce them.  

It is also a very valuable job, since nothing allows a neighborhood to go down like “exceptions” that get out of hand.  Once a rule isn’t enforced, it is difficult to enforce it at all and then there soon are no rules.  

I was interested in the Neighborhood Alliance because the neighborhood is the basic building block of a city, or community. 

I think this Neighborhood Alliance is oriented to other purposes than many such Neighborhood Alliances are, but then I’m not the one doing all the work! 

That’s it for now, Monday November 19, 2018. 

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