2018 Fall November 21 Wednesday

36 degrees this morning, walk 35:05 minutes, 75% humidity

Good walk this morning, dressed a little too light, as I attempt to find the “perfect” outfit for different temperatures!  However, my internal furnace took over, so I was fine.

The moon was “full with a bite”,  that stage of the moon where it looks like someone (someone big obviously)  took a bite out of it.

The moon was also higher in the west this morning.  I realize the moon is the same, it is my perception of it that changes, but it was a lot higher in the horizon today, at about the same time of day.

Also, the moon was “clear” this morning, no red tinges at all as it descended.  

Most important, I say my first “full Christmas” display!  It was beautiful to say the least.

Normally Holiday decorations aren’t on when I walk, so it was a treat.

Personally, when I think of how much work and/or money goes into elaborate Holiday displays, I would turn them on on Halloween and leave them on until the last Holiday of Winter! 

Pace this morning was 7 seconds slower than my goal.  Not bad when you consider I am just happy I walk at any pace in this winter!

Pondering some more on “work measurement” and the problem with “you get what you measure”.  

Actually the story about the Police not wanting to “discover” dead bodies is common in other less obvious ways.  (I really can’t believe even the most “statistic happy” Police Department trying to cover up dead bodes! 

Of courser, I see similar actions at work, were we spend so much time proving we aren’t cheating on time, mileage etc. that the cost of “verification” is much higher than the cost of any “cheating” that may occur!  

Of course, the problem is it is always “someone else” that is responsible, I never have really found who the “someone else” is, or I would tell them what I think!  Everyone is just “following procedure” and the cost is staggering when you magnify the cost in time and money for each person.

Of course the cost is magnified also by the “review procedure”.  It may cost me 2 hours per day to “prove” I”m not wasting 10 minutes, and then the next level of supervision has to review everything, on up the latter to the point that real cost is involved.  

Multiply this by all organizations and I am surprised that as much gets done as it does! 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 21, 2018.   

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