2018 Fall November 22 Thursday


43 degrees this morning (feels like 37 degrees) Walk 35:24 minutes, humidity 63%

Concerned about wind this morning, but was a good morning for a walk.  The almost full moon was even higher up in the sky this morning.  Gradually I am getting used to the temperature, although it is the type of winter where the cold gets into your bones.  

Pace was 14 seconds slower than my goal, which is acceptable this time of year.  

Still listening to the “Great Course” about biology.  It is a little beyond me, but I am learning enough to make it worthwhile.  

Based on the 18 hours or so I have left in the course, (even at the rate of 1.25%, meaning, I think, I am reducing the time by 25%), it will roughly early 2019 before I finish the course. 

The saying “So Many Books, So Little Time” applies to audio books and podcasts as well as regular books!  I am woefully behind in my audio books and I really haven’t even started on my pod casts.  

Sometimes I think I need to start listening to audiobooks and podcasts during my “field days”  (when I would get at least another two hours of listing while I am driving), but it is hard to get away from my usual combination of a variety of music and CNBC!  

Started the last season (at least the seasons I have access to) of “The Wire” last night.  I feel deprived already realizing I only have one more season to watch, even though it will probably be two months before I finish it!  

I watch it on my 3 “lunch breaks” on my field days, plus times when we go to Starbucks for coffee.

While I think the language is totally unrealistic (people really don’t use language like that all the time!), the show is wonderful and I am going to miss it.  

This season brings in a “newsroom” of the local newspaper for some reason, but after a moment of disorientation, (I actually thought it had accidentally switched to another show) I really started to like the process (probably wildly unrealistic) of putting out a daily newspaper!  

Actually, I was just thinking the other day about college, where I worked on the college newspaper.  I enjoyed it, but the college I was attending didn’t offer a journalism degree and I’m not sure if I would have majored in Journalism anyway.

Actually I started majoring in Political Science.  I took my first Economics course when I was a junior and loved it so much I switched my major!  Maybe journalism would have fit in well with that!

This morning is the first day of my four day weekend.  I plan on enjoying every minute of it, and even more important, be aware of how nice it is.

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 22, 2018.  

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