2018 Fall November 23 Friday

53 degrees this morning, no walk, 66% humidity 

Didn’t walk this morning even with the (what is now normal) 53 degrees temperature.  Primarily due to the 17 mph wind, since wind seems to create more problems for my cough than cold weather.  

After Thanksgiving dinner, I probably need to walk!  Actually I did control eating relatively well, perhaps overindulged in the dessert category!  Actually a very enjoyable Thanksgiving Dinner experience.    

“Black Friday” started early as Echo devices were on sale at 1/2 price, and “smart plugs” (which I haven’t tried yet) are on sale for $5.00 with each Echo Dot you bought (regular price $25).  

I have found something isn’t really “on sale” unless you need it (one reason I ignore the Black Friday ads for the most part), but the value of the Echo has been demonstrated.  I now realize the value of the “hub”, which I probably need to get also to get real value from our Echo’s.  

I will spend some time this weekend learning about calling and other features on the Echo’s and Google.  One aspect I really want to utilize is the calendar, which has to tie into my Apple calendar.  

I really am awaiting the “Echo for cars” which is supposed to be available in the near future, or at least the future!

Like most technology, we have basically just scratched the surface of the value of the Echo’s.  Right now, we use them for lists, reminders, alarms, timers etc.  

I actually like the Google mini better in a lot of ways, but the Echo seemed easier to set up  

Finished “Boom Town” by Sam Anderson.  It is  a great book, i was riveted to it. Perhaps you have to know Oklahoma City to really like it, but it is a great book anyway.  

I have to admit, his description of the Oklahoma City bombing bought back memories that surprised me, that I haven’t consciously thought of for years. He mentioned that many residents would talk with him about the most intimate aspects of their lives, but they couldn’t talk with him about their experience in the Oklahoma City bombing.  

I was surprised how effective it was for him to tie in the Oklahoma City Thunder  (a pro basketball team) in the book and tie it in to the Oklahoma Land Run etc. 

I hadn’t really thought of a sports team having so much impact on a city, community or culture, and I have more of an understanding now about how any sports team affects any city and has such a major impact on a city.

I noticed it in Memphis with the Memphis Grizzles and his comments on the Buffalo Bills was especially enlightening on how something that really isn’t that important is so overwhelmingly important.  

I think the impact of seeing your city name nationally and even internationally is so important.   (I never understood why Nashville let their football team be called the “Tennessee” team.  They lost billions of $ of free advertising!).  Perhaps not “free”, but at least a benefit they aren’t getting from the big bucks it is costing them.  

I think the author was surprised at how involved he became in Oklahoma City himself, and his description of his experiences and observations were interesting.

One of the more entertaining parts of the book is his description of a walk from the Land Run eastern boundary (near where we lived) to the Thunder arena .  I laughed out loud at his observations on the “landfill mountain” before he realized what it was!

Second day of the 4 day Thanksgiving Holiday.  

That’s it for now, Friday, November 23, 2018.  

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