2018 Fall November 24 Saturday


41 degrees this morning, 57% humidity, Walk 35:58 minutes 

Overall good walk this morning.  No wind, actually overdressed for the temperature as I started getting hot as I walked.  

Seemed to cough more than have been recently during my walk this morning, not sure if result of wind bring in allergy causing elements, over-eating the past couple of days, or just cold weather catching up with me.  

Pace was 33 seconds slower than my goal.  As I have mentioned before, I am just glad I can walk, I am not worried about my goal, but I still like to keep track of where I have been and what I did.

Listening to the ‘Great Course” on biology during my walk, I was pleased to finally understand why some animals adjust their body temperature  from the environment and other  animals (such as mammals and humans) internally adjust their body temperature. 

I don’t recall ever having it explained before as to how the body temperature is adjusted.  I knew that snake etc. are “cold blooded” and have their body temperature depends completely on the environment, but I hadn’t really thought about it much beyond that.  

I don’t recall the terms used to describe the category of animals according to the method of adjusting body temperature (but it made sense!).  I”ll look them up today.  

Thinking of Thanksgiving, I think probably what I should be or rather am thankful for is every day that I don’t have some illness or some pain etc. that is hard to live with.  I realize when I have a cold how good it is to feel well!  

Kind of like you don’t realize how much you miss water until you miss it!

I think that ties into my belief that I should take the time to be aware and  experience each moment, whatever that moment brings me and especially appreciate the “well days” and the days when everything is going reasonably well!

I think that is especially important the older I get, that I consciously appreciate each good and well day! 

Thinking some more about the method of “measurement”, or perhaps “judgement”.  It seems that the amount of time spent in trying to prove people are working is a severe gap in our management knowledge.  

It is wasteful for me to spend two hours per day (on average) having to “prove” I”m not wasting 10 minutes or turning in personal mileage etc.  The waste in the paperwork far exceeds what anyone would waste.  

I don’t know the answer, but I think more people need to start asking eh question.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 24, 2018. 2018 

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