2018 Fall November 26 Monday

25 degrees this morning, feels like 15 degrees, no walk, 84% humidity

No walk this morning for rather obviously reasons!  Actually, the wind was one factor as some congestion that wasn’t all that bad, but I don’t want to make it worse!  

Yesterday was very windy and cold all day, with the wind in the 18-22 mph with gusts to 50 mph.   Not a pleasant day outside to say the least. 

Of course, even then we had it a lot better than other areas of the country where the snow and wind.  Good luck to persons in that area, and stay warm!  

Aliene got many of the interior Christmas decorations up, which always look so nice!  We do only a little outside, and it was just too windy to do anything.  

I recently took advantage of a “Black Friday” sale to pick up some Echo Dot, 3rd generation digital assistants at 50% off, but, perhaps  more important, was able to buy some “smart plugs” at $5. each.  

We haven’t used “smart plugs” yet, so it will be fun to see how they work.  Aliene has perfected using the “timers” for lights etc., so I’m not sure how we will use them, but it seemed an easy (and cheap) way to start.  

It is amazing, we can already control the temperature from anywhere in the world with an “app”, security to some degree from an “app”, and now can control anything that may fit into a “smart plug”.  

I am sure we will use our imagination and they will become essential just like the Echo “digital assistants” did!  

I really am looking forward to the ‘vehicle Echo” comes out (that works on the phone cellular connection and bluetooth).  I think that will really be valuable.  

We are finding more ways to use the Echo dots besides for reminders, timers, alarms, lists (which is wonderful) etc.  I recently was able to “stream” SiriusXM radio through the Echo’s,, although I don’t quite know when we will want to do so.

Recently I was able to link my “calendar” to the Echo, which is really valuable.  It will read out my appointments for the day or I an just tell it to make an appointment (before I forget it!)  

I use “alerts” a lot, so I still will need to go back and edit them for “Alerts”, which are valuable when i am in the field.  

Recently I read about how “robots” are being used as personal  butlers etc. (kind of yet), but also, perhaps more important, the development of highly technical and refined (and very expensive) robots in Japan that are being used to find nuclear fuel in the nuclear plants damaged by the earthquake and resulting tsunamis’.  

In a case where there is no option of failure, the engineer in charge stated that “even in failure, we at least learn” or words to that effect.  Based on what they learn, I can only imagine the commercial applications that will result from the unfortunate reasons the robots need to be developed.

That’s it for now, Monday, November 26, 2018.   

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