2018 Fall November 28 Wednesday

31 degrees this morning (feels like 23), no walk, humidity 83%

No walk again this morning, mainly due to “cold” symptoms, coughing etc.  Hope I feel better soon!

I was just commenting the other day that I need to be conscious of how good a “normal” day is when I feel well and appreciate it.  While I don’t feel real bad, it obviously is hindering some of my normal activities.  

Thinking some more on the possible future of “designer children” and possibly integration of computers/robots, Artificial Intelligence etc.  into the human system. 

I think it is easy to observe how creepy these ideas are, but on the other hand, if the techniques are there, they will be used,  In a way it may be better to get ahead in the situation and control it.  

The “one child policy” China had for years is an example of a policy with unintended consequences.  There are too many men and not enough women, which could lead to civil unrest etc.

When we were in China, one Chinese woman mentioned if she was going out with someone, they had to have an apartment or house because there were plenty that did that she could choose from, since there are so many more men than women.  

As I have mentioned, I try to keep track of dreams i remember.  Dreams seem to run in cycles, at least dreams that I remember.

I have had dreams I think are so powerful I will remember them, but I rarely do unless I write them down as soon as I get up.  Even then I frequently feel like I am only remembering the latest part of the dream.  

I don’t know what the dreams mean.  I have a hard time believing that dreams can foretell  the foretell the future, but I think dreams can be a way of picking up on subconscious information, which is one reason I try to keep track of the dreams I can remember.

A recent very short dream.  No idea at all what it means, except it brings into mind my “hobby” of tearing up boxes!

Dream 11-14-18

Dreamed on a train ride.  Not sure where or why. 

Switching trains, I bought a bunch of cardboard over the the conductor said no problem with taking the cardboard.  Said he had some type of freight, but it was going to another city.

The train was really dusty and there was a lot of boxes, which hadn’t been crushed, I had cut up mine.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 28, 2018.

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