2018 Fall November 29 Thursday

40 degrees this morning, feels like 36 degrees.  No walk, 89% humidity.

No walk this morning since I am still sick.  I expect I will have to do the unthinkable and call in sick!  Hopefully I can see a Doctor or medical person today.  

I think “fear of the unknown” is the primary focus when I get sick.  Hopefully it is something that can be handled fast.  

Once I know what it is I feel a lot better.  At least I will have some idea of how long I will be sick, etc.  

I thought I may be able to work in the office today.  However, I have a feeling I am in that stage where I can’t concentrate and want to sleep. 

 I think I can describe it as a feeling of being underwater or in a dense fog where even a simple task becomes difficult.  

I’ll see.  I may work until I can get into see a Doctor or medical clinic.  

The worst thing about being sick is the feeling that I am losing time, that time is too precious to waste on being sick!

As I recently mentioned, I always try to be thankful for the times I feel good and aren’t sick etc.!

Even when I am sick, I like to be consciously aware of how I feel and not try to  cover it up.  

I’ll see in a couple of hours if I am going to work in the office today until I can see a Doctor. If I try to work and can’t, at least I tried!

Since my office is in our house, it isn’t like I have to go outside or infect anyone else.  

Keeping it short this morning.  I have been sleeping a lot more than usual since I got sick, which I expect is good.  We’ll see. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 29, 2018. 

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