2018 Fall November 30 Friday

41 degrees this morning, no walk, 93% humidity 

No walk this morning, still feeling sick.  

Was able to see my Dr. yesterday who did his magic, checked x-rays and issued several prescriptions. Thank goodness for insurance!

I always thought it was kind of rubbing salt in the wound that people have to pay so much for being sick!  Even if you have insurance it can be a substantial amount of money for deductibles, co-pays etc.  

In a way I’m feeling better, but for some reason started coughing.  

The pattern for what I have now seems to range from feeling bad to feeling fairly good and then bad again!  

I have probably slept more in the past 3 days than I usually sleep in a week! Probably even more!

The main problem is this feeling of being tired, and kind of like, as I mentioned before, that I am underwater and just moving and thinking slower than normal.

Starting the medicine regime this morning, hopefully it will work.  

November of 2018 is over today, it doesn’t seem that long ago that 2018 started!  

I always try to write at least a “page” on my journal, since I feel each day is worth at least a page!  

However, today, as yesterday, I will yield to my symptoms and not worry about writing a full page!  

That’s it for now, Friday, November 30, 2018.

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