2018 Fall December 1 Saturday

52 degrees this morning, no walk, 53 degrees humidity, 14 mph wind

No walk this morning, still sick, but feeling MUCH better!  I actually want to do something besides sleep!  

I think I was starting to recover by yesterday morning anyway, but the Doctor prescribed some medicine that really helped. 

I even briefly thought about walking this morning, but obviously it is still probably too early for that, right now I expect it will be after Monday (my next Doctor visit).

It feels so good to feel like doing something again! 

One of the medicines is the “pack”  (I think it may actually be “pak” of pills), you take like 7 the first day and then one less per day after that.  

Actually this treatment sometimes “wires me up” to where I get or need little sleep and then towards the end there is a let down before I get back to “normal”.  Since I am aware of it, I am able to adjust for it.  I think.

Probably the best aspect of feeling better is to just feel like I am able to do something, even if it is just reading a book!  It is amazing how lethargic  I felt.  

While I am much better, I still have touches of it and my main problem will be to remember that I am still not 100% and trying to do too much.  

I think the problem is you feel so good not feeling bad, you want to take action!

December 1, the time between Thanksgiving and Near Year Day, when many projects become “after the holidays” projects!  

Always amazed at the number of e-mails I get, especially the “useless” e-mails I receive. 

On the other hand, I am always surprised when I get an e-mail from businesses or groups (or individuals) that I thought had forgotten me!  I don’t recall even seeing them in my Spam mail!

For example, I got an e-mail this morning from a speakers non-profit organization that I heard in 2003, almost exactly 15 years ago.  He was very impressive, but I tend to donate closer to home, so have never donated or even really responded.  I guess you call me a “silent, non-contributing supporter”!  

I hadn’t gotten an e-mail for a long time, so I was surprise to get one yesterday.  Almost so surprised I almost opened it!

I almost never check my “spam” e-mail, which can cause me to not get some important mail, although I sometimes I wonder if the time and effort to check the spam folder is worth it, with all of the truly criminal and hideous spam e-mail that is sent.

However, I accidentally checked my “spam” e-mail folder on my work account and was disconcerted to discover several “legitimate” e-mails that fortunately I had handle in other ways.  (I get absolutely 0% personal mail on my work account, which keeps spa to a minimum, as well as e-mails.)

So good to feel good!

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 1, 2018.   

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