2018 Fall December 2 Sunday

37 degrees this morning, no walk, 76% humidity feels like 31 degrees, 14 mph wind

No walk this morning, still not quite up to a walk outside yet.  Really miss my walk, but I’m not going to take any chances!

Feel much better, medicine, rest etc and probably just time in misery is gradually working and I am feeling much better.

One side effect of the medicine is that I now feel “wired” part of the time.  Not an unpleasant feeling, but I am aware of a low level feeling and don’t nap (or at least a lot less etc.)

Fortunately, it doesn’t affect my regular sleep, I’m not sleeping much more than normal, but I am still sleeping well at night.  That is a gift in itself, especially the ability to sleep when you want.  

As I have noted before, it feels so good to feel well, I want to celebrate the feeling of feeling well every day!

December 2, marks our time since we moved to this area at 4 years and 5 months and my time on my job to 4 years and 3 months .  Time passes fast, it seems like just a short time again (or forever) that I was noting we have moved her two months and I was just starting my new job etc.!

Somehow we found the right place to live and I found the right job for me.  Not perfect in every way and we miss our old house of the past, the place, friends and experiences, but it fits the present circumstances well.  

But, as they say, change is necessary and desirable, even if unpleasant.  

By chance, right now a video tape is playing that one of the refrains is “Life Changes, Just Jump on the Train”.  

While I didn’t agree with a lot about President Bush 41, (and a lot I did), I did respect him.  

At the time, I didn’t realize that the American people would ever elect someone I have absolutely no respect for and who had embarrassed and diminished the position of Presidnet, the federal government, spending billions of tax $ to attack his personal ‘enemies” enrich himself, daily lie numerous time about both significant and insignificant and generally display his incompetence, gross corruption, delusional grandeur of his own incompetence and gross abuse of power.

What is even harder to understand are  how the elected cowards who enable him in his waste of federal resources, corruption, gross incompetence and criminal activities.  

the time of politicians showing any “Profile in Courage” is long over.  

Even harder to understand is how “news media” lie, distort and make up “news” to support the criminal, lying, incompetent behavior of politicians.  

I am looking forward to the time when this changes, if our society can survive this  period of greed, cowards, lies, gross abuse of power, gross stealing of government tax $, government by donors and lobbyists etc.  As I mentioned, the enablers are almost the worst part, a group of cowards who are willing to bootlick and enable gross incompetence, criminal waste of government money and allow obviously lies and incompetence to go unchallenged!

As a friend used to say, “Karma is coming”.  It will be part of the natural order that will restore us to sanity.  

I hope. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 2, 2018.

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