2018 Fall December 3 Monday

31 degrees this morning, no walk, 85% humidity 

No walk this morning, as I continue to recover from my respiratory bug.  Feeling a lot better than last week, some coughing still when I get out in cold air or at just random times.  

Read in the New York Times about a criminal purporting to provide home care fo migrant children picked up a the border ripping off the federal government to the tune of over a billion dollars, supposedly a “non-profit’ paying fat salaries and unable to show where the money went.

I’m sure that is just the tip of the iceberg of the “donors” and “lobbyists” who steal big tax $ because of who their “friends” are.  

Reading this morning about all of the attempts to reduce food stamps, subsidized insurance, by making applicants “work” etc.  

The conflicts and number of outright criminals in this administration is appalling, but then “look a the top”.

It just amazes me the lengths some go to try to make sure someone isn’t cheating to get such benefits  while  letting the donors, lobbyists and big businesses of all types steal billions and rip off consumers without any enforcement action.

And it is only getting worse, I expect, leading to another recession as big businesses take  huge risks and then get bailed out by the taxpayers, keeping their huge salaries etc. 

I am trying to make sure I am ready to resume my exercise and walking program as soon as I feel I can proceed.  Right now, I expect it will be this weekend. 

Of course, this weekend, there is expected to be snow and ice so that won’t be too helpful!

Overall a good weekend, especially since I felt so much better.  Couldn’t do a lot outside, or inside for that matter.  

I was able to get several of the “Smart plugs” I got on sale at Amazon set up, and they are truly amazingly good.  

they aren’t all that huge, and we can control the “on/off” with our voice (through the Echo), schedule times of operation, and set it up so it will start  (or whatever action when we arrive/leave  at the house (kind of like the Nest through the cellphone).  

While it is limited for devices (such as tv’s, computers) that have extra steps when it is started, it works well for a lot of devices.  I guess it it’s use is limited by your imagination.  

Start of the work week.  I expect the week will go fast as normal.  Hopefully it will be a little warmer!

That’s it for now, Monday, December 3, 2018.

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