2018 Fall December 5 Wednesday

26 degrees, no walk, 84% humidity “feels like 20 degrees”

No walk again this morning, still don’t feel 100%, even if feeling a lot better. With the temperature I may not have walked anyway!

Probably as bad as being sick at it’s worse, is the continuing nagging feeling of not feeling quite 100%!  

While i obviously didn’t like the feeling of wanting to sleep all the time (that only lasted several days), I really don’t like the feeling of continuing not to feel “quite” well but feeling well enough to function otherwise!  

Miss walking and exercise.  Since I’m not supposed to walk until Friday, and the  weather is bad over the weekend, it will be next week before I can start walking.  

What I really want to avoid is for the “normal” to be to not walk and exercise.  So far that hasn’t happened, but the cold temperature etc. all adds to discouraging walking!

I’m not too worried, I have had periods before where I couldn’t walk and I resumed to regular walking without any problems.

However, like they say about a frog being boiled in water (if the water brought to boil slowly, the frog doesn’t realize it until it is too late), I don’t want to gradually slip into inactivity and the trap of not feeling well so I don’t do anything. 

One problem I have is that I tie all of my exercise into one time frame (i.e., walk, situps, weight lifting etc.) so if I don’t walk I don’t do anything.  

I’m going to change that process.  

Aliene and I are planning to start working with “trainers” to help us exercise the right muscles and, more important, the right way.

I have never used a trainer before, so it will be interesting.  Actually I like to follow my own path, so I will need to make the necessary adjustments to follow instructions etc!  

Since I was sick, our original schedule was changed, but we will have a “demo” training session soon.

The major problem with group exercise classes etc. is that the leaders tend to forget that we aren’t 25 years old and exercises that benefit us are different!  

Of course, ever since high school, I tend to stay away from “group” exercise sessions anyway, no matter how beneficial!  I don’t think I have been in a voluntary group exercise since and I doubt if I will start now!   

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 5, 2018.

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