2018 Fall December 6 Thursday

47 degrees this morning, no walk, 57 degrees humidity

“Feels like 41 degrees”, 13 mph wind.  

Hopefully will be able to start walking tomorrow morning, although it may be too cold and with a “winterly mix” by then!

Winter storm supposedly coming in this weekend. Scheduled to start tonight, although now it sounds like it may be may be Friday afternoon before it really starts.   Cold air, ice and then snow.  In this case, it’s not likely one of those storms that the wind changes and it goes around us or whatever.  

Saw on one of my spam e-mail this morning the phrase “It’s not what you know but who you know”.

The thought may have been why it was a scam e-mail.  I believe it was a spam e-mail for LInked-In or one of those programs.

I have to disagree with the concept, although “who you know” is probably part of the process, “what you know” hardly is irrelevant.  I think it takes a combination.  

I have basically quit using Linked-In, I’m sure it has it’s purpose, I haven’t even looked at my page for a long time.  It can be a valuable resource for many, but for me, it had just become a bunch of sales pitches.  

However, while  “who you know” is important, it is very misleading to imply that “what you know” isn’t important.  It simply is not true.

The services of George Bush certainly illustrated the low-class incompetent, coward liar who currently is President.  While I didn’t agree with Bush on a lot of things, at least you could respect him.  

Seeing a lying coward lunatic actually attempting to salute him made me cringe.  

It certainly emphasized the gutter, pandering methods of the current President.  

As I have mentioned before, what really floors me is the congressional bootlicking cowards who enable a lunatic president to destroy the United States with his cowardly lies and incompetent actions.  

Of course, you can look at Wisconsin and North Carolina and see what criminal crooks have been elected. Destroying the from of government just so they can stay in “power”, and when the voters vote the criminals out they probably will scream “vote fraud”, just like the lying coward lunatic.  

Thank goodness for the legitimate news media which doesn’t bootlick a lying coward incompetent lunatic just so he will throw some tax $ their way.

The actions of the criminals in Wisconsin and North Carolina is actually traitorous.  Hopefully the courts will stop it, no matter what party or group is involved in attempting  to destroy the democratic system.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 6, 2018.20

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