2018 Fall December 7 Friday

34 degrees this morning, no walk , 67% humidity (feels like 27 degrees)

Hoped could start walking this morning but the Doctor said to wait until I completed the medicine therapy, which means next week.  He extended some of the medicine.  

Original forecast was for ice and snow this weekend, but I noticed that it appears the percentage  chance of snow had substantially reduced. Which doesn’t upset me one bit!

Hearing more and more about the role of robots, artificial intelligence, machines etc. in the process of displaying human beings in the workplace etc. 

I have always thought that robots etc. would eventually make our life better by displacing drudge work and assisting us by allowing us (humans) to do more interesting and challenging work.

Of course, “interesting and challenging work” is defined by the individual person,  but even around the house there advancement of machines (such as computers etc.) and machines has substantially increased our leisure time.  

We are listening to Michelle Obama’s autography.  It is a fascinating book, made even more so so she is reading it herself and we know what the future is.  

Regardless of your political beliefs, it is, if nothing else, a fascinating perspective of a part of American society I was not familiar with, from the perspective of a person who lived through it.

In the book, she mentions working in a bookbinding company for a short time and mentions it was quite an incentive for her to do well in college.

I know the feeling since I worked in a factory for summers while I was in college.  While I am glad I had the experience, it was definitely an incentive to do well at college.  I got the same incentive in early high school when I was mowing yards and realized I didn’t want to do that for a living!

A “driverless” truck, etc. could have a significant impact on the labor force, but it also may open up other jobs that may open up other opportunities for drivers etc.  

I didn’t realize how much my life had changed until a meeting yesterday where I sat for 6 hours. While it was good information, it has been a long time since I sat in a six hour meeting!  

Add to it that I am mildly claustrophobic, and the longer I sat there, the more I resorted to “deep breathing” to reduce the mild claustrophobic feelings.  Mild when I look back at it.  I just tried to keep my mind on other matters than concern about the closed in feeling.  

Being used to setting my own work activities during the day, including breaks etc., the experience at least reminded me of how good I have it!

That’s it for now, Friday, December 7, 2018.

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