2018 Fall December 9 2018

33 degrees this morning, 67% humidity, no walk

Almost walked this morning, but decided to follow Doctor’s suggestions and not walk until after medicine is taken.  I thought a short walk may not hurt, but I don’t want to take the chance of a relapse.

I am feeling much better, even not coughing as much.  

If my Mom was still alive, she would be 106 years old today.   I look at her papers of when she was a young girl, in college etc and read about her hopes and experiences and wonder about the the shortness of our lives.  

I’m not sure what “wasting time” is, maybe there is no such thing if you are experiencing life as you want it.  

There are a lot of sarcastic (and similar) comments about the weather forecasters.  I am glad they “called it the way they saw it”  

Some people were concerned about the “the boy who called wolf” syndrome, but I think they need to call any sign of a storm they way they see it.  The dangers of an unexpected storm are just too high.  

If nothing else, grocery stores are happy and many residents  have a full supply of food on hand!  Also, the storm simply shifted (and was less than expected, it wasn’t like it was a deliberately false forecast.  

We were ready for a weekend of spending time inside, so we were glad to be able to go outside!  (Even if it was at or below freezing all day!)

Saw some information about new techniques for making biodegradable plastic.  In this case they were making plastic from “crab shells” and other products that would be wasted.  

As with many such advances, it is too expensive to do it now on a mass basis because of the cost, but you never know.  

Since plastic is relatively easy to recycle, it seems it would be quite as much of a problem but I expect there are factors I am not aware of. 

I save the plastic bags the newspapers come in and I am always surprised how fast they get very bulky and are an amazing amount of material.  I just hope it gets recycled.

I still remember the movie “The Graduate” where he was told the “future was in plastics” and everyone nodded wisely!  

Probably trying to find the next “miracle product” is one of the most unproductive ways of spending your time (unless you find it).  

I watch/read about stories of how detectives/Police Officers try to solve crimes.  Much of it is unproductive, time consuming work, but usually worth it if a breakthrough happens.

I think that (having to spend so much time on false leads”, would probably drive me nuts!  

In my current job I have a number of cases where I do spend a small amount of time on “false leads” but I also know the feeling of accomplishment when I resolve a problem! 

Hopefully will be able to start walking soon, although now it looks like it could be as long as next Saturday.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 9, 2018. 

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