2018 Fall December 11 Tuesday

34 degrees this morning, no walk, 68% humidity, feels like 27 degrees

Almost got dressed to walk this morning, but still taking medicine, so decided to hold off.  I definitely don’t want to get sick again.  

Today I am planning on taking a “demo” training session.  I have never even really considered using a “trainer” before so it may be interesting.  

As I mentioned before, ever since high school I resisted any type of group exercise or any attempt to specify an exercise for me.  I wanted to do the exercise I wanted to do and ! did not want some instructor telling me what to do!

Overall, actually it has worked well, I am just concerned I may be missing something, especially since I can’t seem to lose weight.  Unfortunately the only way to lose weight is to eat less, but exercise can help some.  

I also think I am concerned about the “frog in hot water” effect, where I have muscles that deteriorate and I don’t notice it until it is too late to do anything about it, or it takes a huge effort to recover.  

Anyway, I will get a taste of a trainer today and can plan accordingly afterwards.  If it is something I can’t stand or (more likely) simply too expensive, I will set up my own program. 

Really a series of weird dreams lately most of which I can’t remember.  (Which may be good!)  

I attribute the weird dreams to medicine, being sick and withdrawal pains from not being able to walk.  I think walking is a big physiological help, since I do a lot of thinking as well as listening during my walk. 

I’ll try to do better at keeping track of my dreams.  This is one I wrote down.


Dreamed Aliene and I were on  trip to New York city.  For some reason we were staying in separate  hotels in different parts of the city.  

I got lost and couldn’t find her hotel.  I kept thinking about calling her on the cell phone but for some reason kept getting distracted and didn’t.  I kept losing track of my cell phone. 

In part of the dream, I was walking to find her hotel dragging a huge mailbox (the type you see in rural ares, just a huge mail box with a pair or wheels on the back).  I was dressed in some kind of outfit, but no one paid any attention to me.  

I was walking down the street trying to find 5th Avenue, where I thought her hotel was.

At one point I walked into a hotel with a huge magic show goin on. The dream ended at that point. 

Office day today at work, hopefully will catch up on my paperwork!

Exactly two weeks until Christmas!  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

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