2018 Fall December 12 Wednesday

40 degrees this morning, no walk, 82% humidity 

No walk this morning, now have “common cold”. Strange I would get it with all of the medicine I am taking!  I’ll see where it goes.  

This looks like it may be a rough winter, based on the temperatures and the amount of times I have already gotten sick!  

Went for the “demo” training session yesterday, and decided to continue, at least for awhile.  My concern is that I am ignoring some muscles etc.and I may not be exercising all I should be.  

The “demo” training session did show some areas I had been missing.  

The key will be keeping up the exercise, but at least I will have a path for where I want to go!

Winter is almost here, Friday, December 21 at 4:23 p.m. The one good thing about that is that once it starts, it will start also being over!  

I just take Winter “one day at a time” and am thankful for every good day of Winter, and every bad day for hat matter, since it is one more day towards Spring and Summer!

Hopefully we can get away to “escape the cold” sometime in February and go someplace that is not only warm but also hot!

The Mayor of the city we live in died suddenly last night.  He is roughly my age, which is always a little disquieting!  I didn’t know him as such, other than as the Mayor.  Since he appeared to be in good health and had filed for re-election, it was a shock.  

Probably some people didn’t file to run for Mayor since he had filed for re-election and they didn’t want to run against him or an incumbent Mayor.  

Watching the France riots and comments that the French President is the “president for the rich” sounds familiar, obviously much more here, where tax dollars are being used to “make the rich richer” and shoveling tax dollars to donors and lobbyists, while running up a significant debt to pay for the obscene theft of tax $.

Of course all the promises of “jobs”, growth etc. is just lies by an incompetent, lying, coward lunatic and his band of congressional bootlicking cowards.  

Recently tried the “mesh” wifi.  Not sure it if it all that great.  It works, but hardly is the cure-all mentioned in the articles etc.  It has a a lot of problems, or it could just be the way it is set up.  There appear to be a lot of dead spots etc.  

However it is better than the so called “complete house” wifi promised by the cable company, which just doesn’t work or they don’t have the talent to make it work!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

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