2018 Fall December 13 Thursday

2018 Fall December 13 Thursday

53 degrees this morning, 89% humidity, light rain, no walk

Getting very tired of this “cold” (head congestion etc.).  Although it is two different types (the first part was a lot worse), it has lasted for over two weeks!  Enough is enough!

I don’t know if people get “colds” in climates that are warm all the time or not.  Probably have a lot of allergies.

I am always worried about something becoming the “new normal”, like not walking in the morning! I am sure once I get rid of this cold (and the need to sleep more because of it), I will resume walking i the morning again.

I wake up at the same time, but feel the need for more naps etc.

We joined a health club (with a swimming pool even), now the challenge will be to use it!  

I have always heard “you make the time available for what you really want”, and I assume it is true up to a point.  I guess the “point” is when you don’t have any time left!

Although I used to work a lot more hours than now, it made a huge difference that my hours were “flexible”.  It is almost like I don’t have as much free time available when time isn’t all that flexible (during the day).

I don’t know how it would be arranged otherwise, but I always thought  it was strange that most activities you want/need to go to are during the “normal” work day!  

That has actually  changing  a lot over the past few years, although that also requires people to work “other than normal” hours! 

It appears this (work time) is a no-win situation!  

I am fortunate in that I have paid sick leave etc.  I was thinking about how some people don’t have, if nothing else because of the nature of their business.  

Ditto with health insurance.  Even with health insurance, deductibles, co-pays etc. can be costly, much less not having any health insurance.  If you add that into losing pay from taking off when you are sick, it can be a real problem!  

Sometimes it is easy to forgot how fortunate I have it.  The little things really shouldn’t bother me!  

Thinking about the refugees, people in Syria etc. where life is just  continual basic survival every day.  I don’t know what the answer is, maybe there isn’t one.  

In my work, I see a lot of people who work hard, long hours, and just plain hard work running their own business or working at a business.  I have to admire them for (most of them) their hard work and maintaining a good attitude about their life.  There isn’t a lot of “freedom” in running your own business, especially a consumer oriented business where you have to be open at specific times!

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 13, 2018.

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