2018 Fall December 14 Friday

36 degrees this morning, rain.  no walk, 88 % humidity, “feels like 25” 

Very miserable weather yesterday and I believe continuing now.  Rain, cold, and a bitter wind.  Worst part was yesterday afternoon when I was driving back, but continued miserable all night.  

The bright spot it is supposed to be much better today after it clears off.  Another bright spot is it wasn’t freezing rain or snow!  

Yesterday was a “field day”, so the weather was particularly miserable, since I need to get in and out of the car all day.  As I mentioned it wasn’t too bad until mid afternoon when a heavy rain started on a regular basis.

Still have the “cold” which is just enough to keep me from walking or really enjoying anything.  Hopefully it is just one of those “seven day colds” which is over in seven days.  

I basically treat a cold like this with some over the counter medicine and a lot of Gatorade.  I have used Gatorade to treat a cold for a long time, and was validated some years ago when a nurse told Aliene to drink Gatorade for her cold!   

I don’t know if it works, but it does make me feel better!  

One week from today is the first day of Winter.  As I noted, the only good thing about that is that every day is a day closer to Spring!  

I saw a quote that said something to the effect “don’t grieve for what you don’t have, celebrate what you do have”.  Basically that is what I have been saying, although it is easy to want something you don’t have and not appreciate what you have. 

One thing about getting older, I begin to view possessions as something I have to take care of or store someplace so I really hesitate before I buy anything that I have to take care of or store!

Read a story about how some of the “Waymo” self driving vehicles are harassed, including being shot at, rocks thrown, vehicles pulling in front of the car and stopping suddenly, trying to run them off the road etc.

I have to wonder about the intelligence of someone who harasses a car with cameras that can read license plates and keeps a clear video of all interactions!  Also, there is a test driver in the car who can take over and wittness. 

The story said it was anger of people against technology, scared that it will take their jobs etc.  I expect that it is something else over than that, probably bullies who think they can bully something that can’t defend itself. 

In my job I deal with a lot of people who are excited and creative about using technology and new ideas and approaches, which is probably one reason I like the job so much.  

It shows that technology can create a lot of better jobs and I hope people will start using their actions and energy to considering how they can use new technology to help themselves and create new careers for themselves.  

That’s it for now, Friday, December 14, 2018.

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