2018 Fall December 15 Saturday

28 degrees this morning, no walk, 72% humidity (feels like 21)

Rain stopped, but weather  continues to be a nasty cold.  

Hopefully I am starting to feel better and my “cold” is improving, but it seems like it comes and goes.  It has not been a good time.  as far as how I am feeling!  At least I have been able to function!

I am woefully behind in regards to what even little I do for Christmas.  I think when Christmas comes at the end of a 4 day Holiday, it seems to arrive faster!  

Reading a Newsletter I get sent, the author is forecasting that hackers will eventually destroy the internet and and all of the internet connected devices etc will turn into paperweights, or at least become useless.

He sees this resulting from a combination of hackers, government attacks on each other etc.  

He may be right or wrong about the internet.  From what I have seen the past couple of years, it is obvious politicians (in general) at both the state and federal level have lost all  sense of responsible government, and are resorting to “tribal politics” where they rip off tax dollars for themselves, their donors and lobbyists, so who knows what may happen.   

When they think of the internet, they think of how they can use it to enrich themselves or maintain their power, now how it can be used for the good or evil of society.  

Hopefully the voters will restore order by responsible elections and getting rid of the trash, so to speak!

Back to the newsletter, while I think he grossly overstates the possible dystopic  future of the internet, but he does point out there are a lot of points of weakness for such an important part of our lives.  

He (I am assuming it is true) noted that one major casino  was hacked through it’s fish tank thermometer!  

One thing that tends to make me thing he is exaggerating the dangers is that he forecasts a “better” time after the internet crashes.  I think it is more wishful thinking on his part that people will be “happy” with having to go back to fax machines, hand written letters etc.  

It just won’t happen.  Or even if the internet does crash, people are not going to be satisfied with “going back to 1970” after they have had smart phones, e-mail etc. No way.  

Thinking about how much of our  electrical supply, food supply, and other essentials depend on the internet, it is a good idea to start looking at the vulnerable parts.  

Anyway, agree or disagree, it was interesting to read the newsletter.  There are other parts I will ponder on in the future!

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 15, 2018.

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